Islamist Intolerance Update: Muslim Journalist Jawaad Faizi Beaten in Mississauga

I have no idea what Jawaad Faizi stands for as a writer – he could be an “Islamic Moderate”, he could be an anti-Israel leftist. But I do know that he should not be beaten with a Cricket bat for criticizing Islamic moonbats (literally moonbats…see below). From Canadian Press’ Colin Perkel, “Journalist beaten with cricket bat fears for life”:

Faizi, 35, said the threats began after he wrote in January about a lecture at a Toronto-area mosque given by a Pakistani cleric, Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri, leader of the international Islamic-based organization, Minhaj ul Quran.

Two weeks ago, Faizi wrote a critical column based on news reports from Pakistan about charismatic claims made by Ul Qadri, who often visits Canada, that he had inscribed the name of the prophet on the moon.

That sparked further telephone threats accusing him of apostasy, prompting Faizi and Post editor Amir Arain to complain on Monday to police, who advised them to be careful.

On Tuesday, just as he arrived at Arain’s Mississauga, Ont., home, Faizi said two men attacked the vehicle. They smashed the windshield and windows, leaving him with cuts and bruises on his head and arm. They fled when he dialled 911 on his cellphone.

Editor & Publisher, America’s venerable journalism insider’s mag, tells the story succinctly with its headline: “Islamic Fanatics Beat Journo in Canada“.

As reported last month by CBC’s Joan Leishman, this is a problem that seems to be growing. Silencing dissent through violence and intimidation has no place in a free and democratic society. Memo to Islamists: we express our differences in Canada through, at most, vigorous debate; if you can’t agree, then simply leave each other alone.



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4 responses to “Islamist Intolerance Update: Muslim Journalist Jawaad Faizi Beaten in Mississauga

  1. And people don’t think this intimidation is going to increase? They are going to be in for a very rude awakening.

  2. DM

    Thank you for your blog. I check it every day.
    If you haven’t read it already, I just started reading “Knowing The Enemy”- Jihadist Ideology and the war in Terror by Dr Mary Habeck published in 2006. It is simple, straighforward and understandable to read. Keep up the good work! DM

  3. ODP

    C’mon Incognito, Pakistan is a moderate country! They only treat thier own people this way……they love American Lefties!

  4. DM: I haven’t picked up her book yet, but I did hear Dr. Habeck interviewed on Dennis Prager’s radio show last month. Below is a link to the interview – Dennis loves the fact that she’s “of the left”, yet sees the Islamist threat clearly:

    (In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet – I’m greatly influenced by Dennis Prager and his 15 hours of afternoon talk radio each week.)

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