Dr. Richard S. Lindzen of MIT: “Why So Gloomy”, Global Warming Pimps?

As we brace for a fourth-straight Spring weekend of Global Warming Climate Change unseasonably cold and miserable weather, enjoy this highly entertaining 25 minute segment of radio from my favourite syndicated daily talk show host, Dennis Prager. In it, he interviews the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Richard S. Lindzen (interview starts about 4 minutes in).


Lindzen is what the enviro-leftist self-hating Climate Change pimps call a “denier”. The fact that he is a scientist from one of the world’s most prestigious institutions with a reputation beyond reproach, who happens to believe that Al Gore’s movie is a farce and that the hysteria over “Global Warming” is hysterical, doesn’t seem to matter to the angry, miserable activists.

Lindzen also penned a brilliant editorial for Newsweek this week that appeared in the magazine’s International edition, but was “denied” by the domestic-edition editors, who didn’t want it to undermine the panic-mongering theme of the issue. You can read “Why So Gloomy?” here. A taste:

Looking back on the earth’s climate history, it’s apparent that there’s no such thing as an optimal temperature—a climate at which everything is just right. The current alarm rests on the false assumption not only that we live in a perfect world, temperaturewise, but also that our warming forecasts for the year 2040 are somehow more reliable than the weatherman’s forecast for next week.

So bundle up, stay indoors, and enjoy a little quality time with your computer!


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One response to “Dr. Richard S. Lindzen of MIT: “Why So Gloomy”, Global Warming Pimps?

  1. philanthropist

    Blasphemers will be excoriated on Suzuki’s altar!(the one at the CBC of course)

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