Canadian Leftists Prostrating Themselves to Islamists in Egypt

james-clark-and-friend.jpgJames Clark & Fellow Moonbat, 2006 (pic: The Ryersonian)

It’s been more than 80 years since his death, but Western leftists still don’t understand what Vladimir Lenin meant when he called his overseas supporters “useful idiots” (hint: it wasn’t a compliment).

Canada is full of useful idiots who hate themselves so much, they are willing to sacrifice all dignity, decency, morality, and loyalty in order to see Judeo-Christian Western Democratic values suffer and fail. Here’s the latest example, from a story in Egypt’s Al-Ahram Weekly (via LGF) about an Islamist conference going on in Cairo:

Organised by Al-Karama (Dignity), Al-Ishtirakyin Al-Sawryin (Socialist Revolutionary Party), Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) and Al-‘Amal (Labour), and held at the Egyptian Press Syndicate, the conference attracted close to 600 participants and observers from around the world, including a delegation of 80 South Koreans and 20 Canadians.

James Clark [see pic above] of the Canadian Peace Alliance described how the anti-war coalitions are now supportive of Muslims who find themselves targets of racial and religious profiling and no-fly lists, and that there is active work in the peace movement to counter Islamophobia, “which the governments use to fan the flames to generate support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are committed to defend all civil liberties. “On the wall of the prayer room at Ryerson University in Toronto, someone’s spray painted ‘Die Muslim’. The administration refused to condemn this as hate crime, so we organised a petition and a campaign to counter Islamophobia, and as a result, the head of the Islamic students’ organisation was elected president of the students’ council. So you can use such incidents to educate and mobilise people.” Clark vowed that the Canadian peace movement, inspired by the Arab resistance in Lebanon and Iraq, would work with Muslims to defeat imperialism.

Great. One of Canada’s most influential far-left agitators is going across the world to prostrate himself to the Islamist supremacists of the Muslim Brotherhood – whose only common ground with Canadian peacenicks is the desire to destroy Western society (and seriously…”Canadian Peace Alliance”? If they are truly concerned about peace, they would be in favour of action in Afghanistan that seeks to ensure the woman-stoning, ancient-statue-bombing, Osama-harbouring Taliban never returns to power). This is a sick man with a sick following; no better than the pro-Nazi loons who followed Henry Ford to Berlin in the 1930s.

People like this only bother me because the media gives them a voice far beyond their influence. Their ideas are spread through the universities, and passed on to the public through infected journalists. Every generation, and every country, has their misguided loons; what we lack here in Canada is the strength and backbone to call these people out for what they are: dangerous and evil.



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5 responses to “Canadian Leftists Prostrating Themselves to Islamists in Egypt

  1. Useful idiots and fifth-columnists are more dangerous than the enemy itself.
    The difference between a culturally confident elite and the contemporary, confused elite is obvious. Dante placed traitors in the coldest and darkest corner of hell, our mass-media place them on the spotlight and make them heroes.
    It is very unfortunate, but it seems we have forgotten what to do with traitors.

  2. philanthropist

    What a nasty SOB. The only ‘imperialism’ taking place today is Islamic – the most popular newborn boy’s name in France: Mohammed, Belgium: Mohammed, Holland: Mohammed….

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