Iran Releases Hostages: This is NOT Good News.


UPDATE: The Canadian Coalition for Democracies has issued an eloquent statement outlining the same concerns expressed below, and outlining what Canada should do about the immoral and dangerous Iranian regime. Click here to read (and comment on) “Iran’s Game, Canada’s Move”


Before you go on with your daily lives, relieved that 15 British soldiers have been freed from captivity in Iran, please note the following:

  • Iran’s genocidal President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad takes hostages in foreign waters; spirits them off to an undisclosed location;uses the hostages as propaganda tools, singling out the one female for particular humiliation; exacts concessions from his enemies; and portrays himself as the good guy in the end for “pardoning” the British sailors. Maybe not you and me, but much of the world will buy what he’s selling: that the Brits invaded his sovereignty, and that he is the good guy for letting them off the hook.
  • Britain relinquishes much of its credibility in the world, for the singular result of retrieving 15 soldiers that they allowed to be captured without firing a single shot, or even attempting to pursue as an Iranian dingy stole them away.
  • The United Nations takes another hit, as these British sailors were patrolling the Gulf on a UN MANDATE!
  • The principle of never negotiating with terrorists/hostage-takers takes another big hit.

The world is a less safe place today because of the week-kneed response to this incident. But hey, does the anti-American left care? Not at all – because an emboldened Ahmadinejad only weakens Israel, Iraq’s nascent democracy, and anti-Mullah agitators in Iran. A small price to pay to stick another one in Bush/Blair’s eye, I suppose.


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One response to “Iran Releases Hostages: This is NOT Good News.

  1. Mario

    Bet you money that the next fashion trend will be the lousy “Ah-made-in-Iran” grey suit. Then we know that we are done for good!

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