“Let My People Go”: Jews Must Support Christians in Islamic Lands


For Jews, tonight begins the annual eight-day observance of Passover, commemorating the exodus of our people from the bonds of slavery, and the deliverance across the desert to our homeland in Israel.

It behooves us as Jews to remember that, no matter how strained and adversarial our relationship with Christianity has been in the past, that we all revere the same bible, we all pray to the same God, and we all share a set of core beliefs that has allowed modern Western society to reach the state of advancement and comfort that we all enjoy today. And, most critically in today’s world, we share a common enemy that wishes to destroy us. It is therefore our duty to stand up for Christians around the world who are under equally-vicious attack by the Islamic Jihad as are Jews.

In the very land where God delivered harsh and decisive punishment to the Pharaohs who enslaved a people, the current authoritarian-socialist-Islamic rulers of Egypt are doing nothing to stop the persecution of the minority Coptic Christian community (from “US Sanctions Urged After Egyptian Militants Murder Christians:

Representatives of Egypt’s Coptic community have urged the United States to impose
economic sanctions against the country after two Coptic Christians were killed by Muslim militants who also attacked Christian villages, BosNewsLife learned Thursday, March 22.

The US-based American Coptic Union (ACU) said Atta Attia and his son Magdy, were gunned down in front of their Cairo home March 9 by a group of Muslims “who were waiting to murder them.”
The local prosecutor investigating the case allegedly did not press charges against the Muslim attackers, “but rather accused Attia’s second son, Essmat, of carrying a weapon, even though no weapon was found,” the ACU said.

“As usual, the Egyptian authorities sought to protect the perpetrators and punish the victims.” The reported incident came shortly after Muslim militants reportedly raided the Christian village of Armant in Egypt’s Qina province.

During the February 22 attack in the village,” many homes and businesses belonging to Christians were set on fire and destroyed,” the ACU said.

The group added that Christian villages “have become the target of systematic persecution and violence by the Egyptian authorities,” who allegedly cooperate with Muslim hardliners.

Egypt’s government has however said it does not allow Muslim extremism. ACU said it regretted that the United States “has turned a blind eye to Coptic Christians, as they continue to suffer human rights abuses under Egypt’s regime.”

And, of course, there’s the ongoing genocide of Christian and Animist Africans in the Darfur region of southern Sudan. The ugly truth of the UN’s inaction in Darfur may have much to do with the fact that the agressors in the Sudanese arab-dominated government are operating under the cover of an internationalist-multiculturalist community that is hostile to Christianity and endlessly indulgent to Islam. From the BBC’s Darfur FAQ:

What was the war in the south about?

Apart from an 11-year period from 1972-1983, Sudan has been at war continuously since independence in 1956.

In 1983, the government dominated by northern Arabs tried to impose Islamic Sharia law across Sudan, even in areas where the majority is not Muslim.

This exacerbated a rebellion that had begun in the south, which is inhabited by black African Christians and those who practise traditional religions.

The rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has never clearly stated whether it is fighting for autonomy for the south within Sudan, or outright independence.

The Christians of Lebanon – a near-majority in the country until the PLO was allowed to set up shop in the “Paris of the Middle East” in the 1970s – are now a shrinking minority, and are quickly being dominated by Iranian-backed Hizballah Jihadists and their allies. For a full report on the plight of Christianity in Lebanon, read Fouad Abi-Esber’s extensive history, “Shattered Christian Minorities in the Middle East”.

Add to this the destruction of churches in Iraq and Iran, and the desecration of Christian holy places in Bethlehem and other sites in Palestinian-controlled areas, and countless other examples, and you have the most underreported story of religious persecution since – dare I say it – the Holocaust.

Christians, you may have been taught to “turn the other cheek”, but I do not think that even Jesus would have seen a pacifist solution to a supremacist dogma that seeks Christianity’s destruction. Jews, we owe it to our fellow infidels everywhere to stand up to the world’s bully, Jihadist Islam, and support those whose theology and eschatology may be quite different, but whose values and philosophy are truly kindred.


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One response to ““Let My People Go”: Jews Must Support Christians in Islamic Lands

  1. philanthropist

    Muslims definetly appreciate the superior culture produced by judeo-christian people. Yes superior – and millions of Muslims agree. Not only do they escape Islamic ruled countries if they are able, Muslims have even gone to Israel to claim refugee status – The Jewish state! in a sea of Muslim countries! incredible.

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