Eco-Terror Fugitive asks Maher Arar for $1M Bail

Maher Arar’s grand bargain with the far left is now coming back to haunt him. With a well-publicized $10 million in his pocket, the Syrian-born telecommunications engineer is being seen as an easy mark for cash by a tree-hugging extremist currently being held in a B.C. prison awaiting extradition.

Tre Arrow, a.k.a. Trey Arrow, a.k.a. Michael Scarpitti, fled to Canada to escape arson charges in Oregon stemming from the protest destruction of logging and cement trucks in 2001. He has been branded a domestic terrorist by the FBI. Here he is doing what he did best in the “prime of his career”, making an ass of himself on an 11-day sit-in on a concrete ledge during a 2000 protest at the US Forest Service Building in Portland, Oregon:


Now, in a desperate attempt to avoid deportation, he has reached out to none other than Maher Arar in an attempt to secure the $1 million bond set by a Canadian judge. From Willamette Week March 27, 2007, “Tre’s Latest Call” :

In a March 18 email to supporters, dictated from jail, the 33-year-old Arrow says he recently reached out to Arar on the phone.

“The two of us have very important contributions to bring forth to the restoration of justice and democracy within the political and social structure of our cultures,” says Arrow, who got 6 percent of the vote as a 2000 congressional candidate for the Pacific Green Party in Oregon.

Arar’s media contact said Arar wasn’t immediately available for an interview about Arrow, whose appeal hearing is scheduled for April 18 in Vancouver.

Sorry, Maher, but it seems the money isn’t just yours anymore. The left wants its pound of flesh. They gave you their support, now they want yours. And, frankly, you owe the left big-time – without their money and pressure, you’d be $10 million poorer today.

Apparently, this is what usually happens to people who win the lottery – life can become miserable.




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4 responses to “Eco-Terror Fugitive asks Maher Arar for $1M Bail

  1. Anastasia

    I find it laughable that there is a movement to keep this guy in the country. There is even a “teacher” letting him talk to kids from jail via phone at an alternative school. Shocking! This guy is running from something and the fact that taxpayers have been footing his bill in jail for the past three years is sickening. Get him out – now!

  2. Anastasia

    Oh, and about the Arar thing. If he thinks he and Arar have so much in common then lets send him to Syria instead of the US and the Syrians can find out whether he’s innocent or guilty.

  3. Has this teacher been fired? Or given a promotion? The indoctrination of schoolchildren is shameful, and something I will be writing about in the future.

  4. Tre Arrow, AKA, Michael J. Scarpitti, was sentenced in Portland, Oregon on August 12, 2008, to 78 months in federal prison for his part in two arsons in 2001. Arrow had plead guilty earlier, acknowledging he set fire to cement-mixing trucks at Ross Island Sand and Gravel Company in Portland on April 15, 2001, and logging trucks at Schoppert Logging Company in Eagle Creek on June 1, 2001. Arrow’s three co-defendants pled guilty in 2003 and have each completed 41-month prison terms.

    In Arrow’s case, the Judge increased the ordinary 60-month mandatory minimum term for arson based on a finding that Arrow committed the arsons in an aggravated manner calculated to influence or affect the conduct of the victims by intimidation, coercion and retaliation (terrorism). The court also ordered Arrow to pay restitution of $101,057.09 for the Ross Island arson and $53,500 for the arson at Schoppert Logging, jointly with his convicted accomplices. Finally, Arrow waived the right to appeal his sentence. That’s good news!

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