Afghanistan: A Gruesome “Why We Fight” Reminder

We are fighting in Afghanistan because the Taliban are barbarians who enjoy the act of snuffing out innocent human life. There’s no nuance to be discovered; no call for further understanding; no need to consult a PhD in Central Asian Studies.

The IslamoNazi enemy are not “freedom fighters”. They are not an “oppressed minority”. They are not “Afghan citizens”. They are a deadly mafia with no respect for human life, and therefore no right to be on this earth. From today’s Times of London story, “Reporter forced to watch Taleban behead his driver” :

An Italian journalist who was held hostage by the Taleban for two weeks described how he was forced to watch as his captors beheaded his Afghan driver.

“I get off my knees. Four young men grab the driver and shove his face into the sand. They cut his throat and continue until they have cut his whole head.

“He is not able to make a gasp. They clean the knife on his tunic. They tie his severed head to his body. They bring it [the body and head] to the river and let it go,” he wrote.

Anyone want to explain to me why we should not be sending troops in to hunt down and kill every Taliban/al Qaeda? Anyone still unclear as to why we lock up Taliban/al Qaeda supporters on security certificates?


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