Zahra Kamalfar & Kids: Latest Volley in Canada’s War with Iran


Welcome to Canada, Zahra, Ana, and Davood Kamalfar! The story of this family, stuck for nearly a year in limbo at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, is well documented and needs no review. The fact that it has a happy ending in Canada is of great significance.

This is the latest victory in what has become a full-scale diplomatic war between Canada and Iran. Canada’s Foreign Minister Peter MacKay is earning a reputation on the world stage by standing up time-and-again against the Mullahs and their Islamic Thugocracy in Tehran. His support of Stephan Hashemi and his fight for justice in the 2003 torture killing of his mother, Zahra Kazemi, has been steadfast, which has highly irritated the Iranians. He further inflamed the Mullahs last August with his famous “Blood on their hands” comment with regards to Hizb’Allah’s attack on Israel, and again with his comments to reporters last fall during his meetings with Condoleeza Rice. Iran responded last November with this bizarre news conference, in which they gathered the media together to declare that Canada commits war crimes against natives:

There is no doubt that the holdup here was on the part of the Russians, who have become the leading supporter of the Iranian regime, and the supplier of all their nuclear technology. Securing the Kamalfars’ release is, I’m sure, another thorn stuck in the side of the Mullahs, and it will not go unnoticed.

Congratulations, Peter MacKay, Stephen Harper, Diane Finley, Monte Solberg, and whoever else worked to ensure this story had a happy ending. And to those who wish to condemn Mrs. Kamalfar for having a cigarette on the plane on her way to Vancouver – GET A LIFE! Your priorities are twisted beyond belief.

(Speaking of the cigarette angle – some of the commentors on the Globe & Mail web site are particularly disgusting in their take on this family’s plight. Where’s the compassion, lefties?)



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  1. DAVID K

    Hello and thank u for this wonderful article. am sure every one appreciate the information you have shared with the world. and i really loved the part about GET A LIFE. i hope you already know who i am and i truly appreciate your interest and care. have a wonderful day.

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