Jihad against Moderate Islam in Canada: Violence, Intimidation, Dissimulation

Like most Canadians, I do not watch CBC’s The National on a regular basis. But when you strip away the indoctrination, the bias, and the boredom, a gem occasionally pops up (see my post of a couple weeks ago, “Iranian Family Comes to Canada for Freedom from the Hijab”). On Tuesday, March 6, this featured report from Joan Leishman exposed the violence and intimidation used by Canadian-based Jihadists to silence those Canadian secular-positive Muslims who promote an Islam that is compatible with modern, democratic, pluralistic society. See the report here, in two parts (h/t LGF):

Featured in the report are Munir Pervaiz – an anti-Sharia activist who claims he was threatened by pro-Sharia zealot Mubin Shaikh (who keeps his wife in a full burka, and works hard at dissimulation in his interview here); Mir Mahdavi, who came to Canada from Afghanistan after being persecuted for daring to criticize Islam and tribalism in his native land, only to be beaten by Jihadists in Hamilton, Ontario; Tahir Gora, who was bankrupted by an economic boycott of his Urdu-language weekly Watan after daring to accept advertising from the Ahmadiya sect and reporting on a scandal at a local Islamic school; and Tarek Fatah and his Muslim Canadian Congress, targetted by Mohammed Elmasry with threats and law suits last fall.

I do not agree with everything these “moderates” believe in (the Muslim Canadian Congress, aside from its fight against Jihadists, also rails against Israel regularly on its web site). However, no community can reform itself without advocates from within. Pervaiz, Mahdavi, Gora, and Fatah are brave men who deserve the support of Canadians who value freedom for all above the dangerous fetish of multiculturalism. Whatever they think about Israel or Jews, their stand against the barbarity of radical Islam is our greatest weapon in an existential fight to preserve modern civilization. And once again, credit where credit is due for CBC and Joan Leishman.



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  1. The MCC’s position is Israel is not different than the position taken by many Israeli politcians. The MCC has endorsed Yossi Bellin’s initiative labelled as the Geneva Accord. Our criticism of Israel is also matched by our criticism of Hamas and its terrorist actvities. We believe that unless Israel vacates its occupation of Palestinian lands, it continues to strengthen the role of Islamic extremists within the Arab world and permits the Iranian Ayatullahs to use this problem as a pretext to keep the region unstable. The MCC has also been one of the few Muslim organisations that has stated its support of the right of Israel to exist within safe and secure and internationally recognized borders. However, we feel this is an impossible dream for Israel, unless it creates the necessary conditions for the creation of a viable, sovereign and secure Palestinian state. This is precisely why the MCC endorsed the Geneva Accord, for which we were pilloried by the Islamists and labelled as agents of Zionism.

  2. Welcome, Tarek. While your moderation towards the Jewish community, and your courage within the Muslim community, are appreciated by all peace-loving people, your position on Israel will never fly with the vast majority of Jews. As long as Jews are in any way blamed for the vitriol of the Iranian mullahs, and as long as Israel is held to a different standard than the rest of the world with regards to territorial integrity and self-defense, most Jews will never believe that you are fully with them. Nonetheless, I sincerely wish you safety and the grace of God in your battle against the forces of barbarism in our midst, and hope we can continue a friendly and open debate over the question of Israel in the future.

  3. Peace Be Upon (all of) You

    The real issue is what Canada means to you. To me, it is home and a place worth giving my life to defend. What have YOU or the Tarek Fatah fans done for your country that you think you have any kind of right to exclude me in your worldview of what a good Muslim or good Canadian is or somehow imply/identify me as a THREAT?

    Tarek Fatah at al operate OUTSIDE the realm of influence and authority within the community. If you knew the community as I have LIVED my life in it – you would know this. I only hope CSIS and the RCMP realize that too. TRUE reformation only comes from WITHIN as you said – and I agree and stand up to the task.

    So, my humble view is, with respect to the “secular-Muslims” (oxymoron) – Canada would be betting on the wrong horse, if ya know what I mean.

    By the way, I don’t “keep my wife in a burka”. Don’t even TRY to bring my wife into this and speak on her behalf – she has her own mind contrary to what your prujudiced perspective suggests.

    Peace in the Middle East

    Mubin Shaikh

  4. “So, my humble view is, with respect to the “secular-Muslims” (oxymoron) – Canada would be betting on the wrong horse, if ya know what I mean.” – Osama couldn’t have said it better himself.

    In Canada, we don’t “bet on horses” when it comes to our very way of life. We don’t bend to the ultimatums of radicals. In the end, Canadians will never accept Sharia, and will always be with Tarek Fatah over Mubin Shaikh if we have to make a choice. No one should ever have to live under intimidation and threats in this country – that’s called terrorism.

  5. Doug

    Saw these videos at Littlegreenfootballs earlier this week.

    What’s with all this “peace be upon you” bullcrap, from these commentors anyway? The answer to Islam in any form is a firm NO. You want submission? Submit to Western ways or be prepared to be tossed into the trash bin of history.

    If you so much dare to threaten the freedoms established in the Greco/Roman/Judeo-Christian bank of wisdom, knowledge and traditions that we enjoy today and that WILL be preserved for my children and their children….you will seriously regret the day you were born.

  6. Well, it’s that kind of vitrol and wilfull ignorance that sullies this great country.

    “We dont bend to ultimatums of radicals”? So a guy who peacefully and academically participates in the legal channels of change – is a radical? Hmmm.

    And to DOUG: Lets agree on this: that the PEOPLE who founded this country, affiliate themselves with either Judaism or Christianity. These people who claim to be “secular” (which really means the Church cannot legislate) are those MOST against that bank of wisdom etc.

    I laid my life on the line for this great country – don’t you DARE try to suggest I am not cut out to live here – “The answer to Islam in any for is a firm no”?! who is being intolerant? MOST UNCANADIAN and if you don’t like it – YOU can leave.

    Visit the site I cited and LEARN.

    In Peace, as always,


  7. ScottInRMH

    Hey Mubin,

    If Islam is such a great religon, way of life etc…
    why are you so upset about a little criticism?

    an interested Catholic

  8. Ace

    1. “The PEOPLE who founded this country, affiliate themselves with either Judaism or Christianity.”

    2. “These people who claim to be “secular” (which really means the Church cannot legislate) are those MOST against that bank of wisdom.”

    Doug, I believe Mr. Shaikh has inadvertently stumbled on a pearl of wisdom. Mr. Shaikh’s definition of ‘secular’ are the dhimmi left-wing zealots in his scandal-ridden Liberal party who believe in tolerance towards Muslims. Apparently that should extend to “tolerating” the barbaric and inhuman practice of sharia law in Canada. Unfortunately for him, even McGuinty is against this idea – for now.

    The god-fearing Jewish and Christian folks that built this country did so on the basis of a British Westminister parliamentary system were inspired by the Magna Carta, the works of Locke, Hume, Montesquieu and Diderot – not sharia law or the Koran. Our Head of State will always be Queen Elizabeth(or the Governor General), not the Caliphate.

    Is it any coincidence that no democracies exist in the Arab world apart from states like Turkey (which is explicitly more secular) or more Sufi-oriented (Malaysia/Bangladesh)?

    Canada’s good fortune is no coincidence…just like how the West came out of the Dark Ages, so too must Islam finally embrace new scholarly thought – rather than your zealotry that is reminiscent of the time of Saladin Mr. Shaikh.

  9. roger

    Just this week on the Glenn Beck show a member of CAIR.org stated that people like Tarek Fatah and Irshad Manji are Apostates , Ahmed Bedier stated to the audiance that non-Arabic Qurans are invalid and unpure teachings of Islam and Muhammad.
    CAIR/CAIR-Canada is linked to Hamas and terrorism funding , Nihad Awad from CAIR was on CTV.ca News video to confirm their ties to the Arar’s that “Alleged” torture , CAIR and Awad waited until after the $10.5 million dollar settlement was made to admit to Terrorism links and supporting the Arar’s since 2003.
    CAIR hosted a fund raiser on Feb 14th and 2 Pro-Sharaih law person were there along with the NDP, Liberals and Bloc MP’s , Mohammed Elmasry and Sheema Khan crusaded for Sharia in canada and CAIR has a Saudi link to funding and Whabbi islam .
    When Bill Samson was in a Saudi jail and tortured for 3 years on bogus claims of terrorism and then Blasphemy for alleged slurs about Muhammed and Islam , CAIR was very quiet when a white-Christian was a victim of Sharia law and torture by the Saudis.
    As for Mubin , you and one of the Khadr boys made a very bold statement on terrorism and civilians in Canada, the CBC video records show that both of you denounced killing for Allah only when you saw that it harmed Islam or other Muslims.
    By your own words you never expressed outrage that innocent civilians and fellow canadians would be slaughtered by Jihadists , you only said that you turned in these punks because they smeared the peaceful image of islam.
    Nice try to slip that one by us more intelligent Citizens that listen for what people DON’T say in their comments.
    As for Mr.Fatah , you sir , went on a tirade when the RCMP rounded up about 26 Illegals that were rightfuly removed from Canada for breaking the laws which the U.N. approves for Nations to protect themselves from non-Citizens or Tourists that fail to leave .
    But because about 17 of them were young/sunni Muslim/males from a known terrorist producing area of Pakistan and had expired Visa and fake ID and Passport , you sir turned it into a Racism issue
    and posters were strewn all over my area on Hydro poles and incited hatred towards Canada for legally removing non-citizens .
    The media was played for the fool and when they discovered you failed to mention the Immigration violation and fake ID and passports , you then used Racial-profiling as a Charter violation even if they were guilty of breaking our Laws.
    The MCC website still has this article for people to read your demands for the RCMP to apologize for enforcing our Laws , but then we had the Toronto-17 arrests last June and low and behold they were Citizens of canada but of Pakistani background and you then praised the RCMP and denouced these punks as hijacking Islam for their Political cause.
    Media archives prove that CAIR and the Khadrs along with the Arar’s have links to their support for each other , even Jack Layton backed Maher’s wife running for the NDP in Ottawa while she is a anti-abortion/anti-Gay Marriage orthodox Muslim.
    I have seen a pattern that the only true unity by all Islamic groups in canada is when it comes to bashing the USA and Israel , so when the USA tightened the borders and now is wanting Passports to enter, only now are Muslims outraged and cry racism and islamophobia as second class Citizens because America exercised
    its Right to protect their Citizens as we expect Canada to do .
    CAIR’s own Ahmed Bedier has put “Apostate” labels on all Muslims that don’t use Arabic Qurans, and Tarek Fatah himself wanted special Hate-laws for people using Sharia to justify punishment to Muslims in canada as Apostates.
    Plus, Mubin is Pro-Sharia law and this makes for a future clash of these two groups as we see in Iraq , also keep in mind that every act of vandalism to a Mosque is instantly blamed on a non-Muslim before any arrests or evidence to prove the religion of the vandal.
    Guilty until proven Muslim , this seems to be the new mind set and just wait until a Islamic Party comes to power Federally, will it be Tarek Fatah or Aly Hindy who head it .
    Al Qaeda coaches followers to allege torture if being held, then get outside help to protest , and next if you have a lawyer just play the victim of Islamophobia or Racism and insist you’re innocent and it’s a conspiracy to make you look guilty .
    Sound familiar , our troops are now being accused of torturing Afghanis and it’s a Professor at the U of Ottawa, the same University to get the Arar’s Scholarship in Law for Human Rights and Justice , the same University that employed the witness by Maher Arar that claimed the evidence showed he was Tortured.
    Can you see the pattern now folks, allege torture, threaten to Sue, and force a Out-of Court settlement to funnel back money to CAIR and by-pass the terrorism funding Laws .

    Know Islam – No Peace
    Know Peace – No islam

    Muslims aren’t the problem , it’s the Quran stupid!

  10. ET

    Tarek Fatah – thanks for your comments.

    Mugin Shaikh – you are quite correct that the church cannot legislate. We, the people, have forbidden it to do so. Legislation, or the power to make our laws, rests with the people, not an unelected, unaccountable system. That’s what secular means – it means the separation of church and state, something that the West accomplished during its Reformation hundreds of years ago, and attested to in such documents as the Magna Carta, the US Declaration of Independence and its constitution, and, as has been noted, within the thought of many political analysts such as Locke, Hume, etc.

    This was an important transformation, for it separated legislative power from dogma and made our laws subject to reason, analysis and experience. The assertion that the individual has both the capacities for and the duty to reason and analysis is very old; Islam rejects it – and that is a serious problem within its ideology.

    You keep saying that you ‘laid your life on the line’ for Canada. Were you in the Canadian military?

    Debate, analysis and critique, which you seem to reject, are important components of a society. That means that ‘true reformation’, which you say you support, has to include different perspectives, different voices. Yet, you explicitly reject them. Therefore, you do not appear open to change – and I hope you realize that Islamic or any other religious laws cannot operate within our society. We long ago rejected the church or any other unelected body’s actions in legislation. It’s called democracy.

  11. GYM

    Whatever they think about Israel or Jews, their stand against the barbarity of radical Islam is our greatest weapon in an existential fight to preserve modern civilization. And once again, credit where credit is due for CBC and Joan Leishman.

    the enemy of my enemy???????

  12. …we really have nothing to fear from these radical Islamics blowing themselves up, killing innocent people, beheading tourists or treating women like lower class cattle.

    These groups ares just small fry, fringe groups resulting from inbreeding and leftist “feel-good” policies found in our schools and judicial systems.

    We need to fear leftist airhead thinkers who are in influential and political positions throughout this land.

    Wait, not really, they aren’t real fear as these types will always be around, something about the water.

    What we REALLY need to fear is the MASS IGNORANCE shown by the general populace who vote for these types into leadership, say like the Liberal (far from it) Party of Canada, the New Demon, err, Democrat Party, and other fringe groups bent on pushing their agenda on the rest of us who actually work for a living.

    The price of allowing these block heads (whose whole goal is at any cost to be in power) into power is what we are seeing today.

    We sowed anti-God, anti-family, anti-religion into our kids in school, now one thinks God has left us to our demise.

    But He hasn’t.

  13. GYM: Beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to fighting radical Islam. You have to keep your eyes on the big picture. I believe it is wise to support Tarek Fatah and other like-minded secular Muslims now as they fight against extremism. Then later there will be plenty of time to try to convince them to truly tolerate and embrace Jews (as the Evangelical Christian movement has done in the past decade).

  14. irwin daisy

    You, Mubin Shaik, said that the separation of church and state, espoused by the moderate Tarek Fatah and in agreement with Canadian law and culture, is not Islamic.

    This is a seditious statement in league with another imam, interviewed on Michael Coren’s show, who admitted he wants sharia to be the law in Canada, including it’s barbaric and evil remedies such as stoning adulterers.

    Islam has no part in Canada’s history or culture. And it certainly won’t be part of our destiny unless it is reformed through the work of such people as Tarek Fatah and others.

    Islamic dualism, abrogation in the Quran – fueling the deception of taqiyya/kitman – and savage laws and actions are being revealed to many of us who are informing all Canadians.

    A recent CBC poll found that 27% of Muslims supported the plan of the Toronto terrorists. The hardcore support translates to some 50,000 Muslims in Canada who support terrorist actions against Canadians, cutting off the PM’s head, etc.

    This is not only intolerable. It is criminal and treasonous.

    As Canadians become more and more informed – you, Mubin Shaik, and others like you will have increasingly less time to submit and reform your supremacist political ideology to western law and culture.

    In the meantime, you best pray to your allah that there are no terrorist attacks here.

  15. John Boy

    It is good that a light is being shone on these despicable characters from the Muslim world. The arguments are well put at least from the anti sharia side, but quite boring as I have heard all before over and over for the past five years since the big wake up call.

    The more I see and hear of the people of Islam, the more I think they are a different species. They are locked in a closed system and are standing on guard for it in a big way!

    That is the one thing we could learn from them. Everything else there is, they can learn from us… But won’t … Will we?

    I simply cannot understand why they are here among us. “United we stand, divided (multi-culturally) we fall”.

    I’m already feeling the vertigo.

  16. irwin daisy

    John Boy,

    Some, like Hirsi Ali, are here among us to escape the stygian prison that is Islam and inform the world. Others, such as Mubin Shaik, are here to carry out a Quran mandated objective in dar el Harb to wage war and (allah willing) victory over what his allah blessed bigotry considers, lesser human beings. In his case through deception and manipulation.

    I for one do not agree with the doomsayers. Islam is doomed based on it’s 7th century inhuman tenets, illogical premise and inferior intelligence and wisdom. It has never accomplished anything other than oppression and slavery, the theft of ideas and wealth – only to end in squalor, starvation and mass bovine stupidity.

    Despite constant threats of death, it is known that over 6 million Muslims a year are converting to Christianity in Islamic countries. I would imagine considerably more are rejecting Islam and becoming secular. The same is going on amongst Muslims in the west, look up France for example.

    Their claim of ‘the fastest growing religion’ is a lie.

  17. eliza

    Mubin Shaik: Yes I am offended when I see Muslim women in Canada wearing black sacks that they call clothes. I am mightily offended at the oppression that they are living under. It took women a long time to be allowed the vote and to have equality and I for one am not about to give it up and live in a bag. You say your wife has chosen to wear that bag and I say she is oppressed and it is an insult to me. You have no reason to be here in our country if you cannot conform to the laws of the land. Why do you stay here if Islam is so wonderful and you can live in a country that fully embraces it? Why do you not go live in Iran? When I see you on the video I see a person who is high on himself and wants to rule everyone and everything with an iron fist—his iron fist. Christianity teaches peace and love and kindness to your fellow man but all I ever hear or see of Islam is cruelty, violence and hatred to all who are not fanatical Muslims.Christianity teaches us to love our children and teach them to grow in love and the ways of God, Islam teaches their children to blow themselves up and kill others,it teaches them to hate and to sow dissention among everyone. Now you tell me which is the true religion of the true God and which is a counterfeit religion of an angry man?

  18. Roger

    Just a added note to Eliza’s comment .

    How ironic that Muslims have to flee to mostly Christian based Nations to freely practise their version of Islam, plus, that freedom also lets the Mubin’s play God and define who are the True-Muslims .
    Even Muhammed fled to a Christian based Country to protect his flock while he built up
    the followers , this information was posted on an Islamic website as part of his Bio’s and it stated clearly that Muhammed knew the Peaceful nature of Christians and the Christian King of that Nation would protect his Rights to hold a view opposing
    the teachings of the Messiah from almost 600 years earlier.

    So if even Muhammed admitted to the safety of living among Christians , is it any wonder that when Middle East Muslims come to the USA and Canada they too see that freedom and convert just by knowing there is not one Islamic Nation or Muslim nation that can boast of these same Human Rights and pluralism.
    When I hear claims of females making the “Choice” to wear the Hijab or Full-covering except the eyes, it’s never qualified with the reality that behind closed-doors she may get a beating or threats for NOT wearing it.
    If there were no fines for any traffic violation , THEN I could say I made a Choice to stop at the Red-Light or Stop sign , but we have a financial punishment and threat of losing the ability to drive a car and saying you Choose to obey the traffic laws is pretty hollow since the Punishment
    may really force you to conform and appear to have made the Choice .

    So lets be fair here folks, Imams that exalt the Human Rights of females in canada by saying they have the Right to Choose to wear a covering or religious costume are leaving out the usual “BUT” which we hear when they denouce Terrorism and violence by Muslims.

  19. why should i go blow myself up if I have a future like everyone else? I’m a Muslim kid and I have NEVER been taught that. I have been taught to grow in love and the ways of God. I go to Islamic school and I’m the grandson of a major mainstream Canadian-Islamic scholar. So what were you saying about being taught to blow people up?? And guess what ? THIS IS MY COUNTRY! I’m NOT going to be rude and tell YOU to go back to Vatican city or anything so don’t go sticking your nose into what you don’t know anything about.

  20. Free people scorn religous zealots

    NO Sharia in Canada.

    Also, extremist or fundalmentalist Muslims do not get to dictate to Moderate Muslims on how to practice their religious beliefs. They have a right to choose here.

    We do get to deconstruct any fanatically zealots claims of a ‘higher’ virtue, especially by self declared experts, and we get to do so publicly.

    I read the bio on this one imam I watched on CBC, ( forgot his name ) admittedly a pot head throughout his teens… and now he’s a religious expert on islam, saying how he ‘sees’ it as a ‘them and us’ issue; where the ‘them’ are us the Canadians. Yeah right, his whole persona and involvement is suspect.

    Any drug or toxin affects the developing brain more than in adults, especially during the critical adolescent years, doesn’t take an expert to see you’ll wind up finding someone who is somewhat less than what they could have been. This is an example, IMHO.


  21. neo

    There are so many points of view, even within Islam.

    I hadn’t previously stopped to think, that in North America, there might be a divide between the immigrant and already established Muslim communities.

    The truth is, I hadn’t previously thought of it at all.


  22. xaara

    This is for ELIZA:

    Could you be kind enough to explain how a Muslim woman wearing a hijab is different than a Christian woman wearing a sleeveless shirt? Do you have the right to roam around topless? or just in under-garments? Is the Canadian government not being unfair to you by letting men expose their chests while you cannot do so in public?

    I believe it entirely depends on the intention. If a veil is taken with the intention of “hiding oneself from unwanted sexual harassment”, then it definitely IS opression. No woman should be made to cover up for the lack of restraint on a man’s part. Telling a woman that she needs to hide her hair because it causes sexual attraction, is in other words making a complete sex symbol out of her.

    What I dont understand is why you cannot accept hijabs as just a piece of cultural clothing, which is exactly what hijabs and abayas are for many women out there.

    We can all easily speak up against how Muslim societies consider a woman’s entire body a sex symbol, hence asking them to cover up entirely to avoid sexual harassment. How many of us, however, have given a thought to the western society, and how it taught you that your bust and your behind and even areas surrounding it are sex symbols that need to be hidden? How is this so different from what is taught in the Muslim socities? only the extent to how much needs to be covered is different, the main idea behind it is the same.

    And dont even get me started on how “peaceful” Christianity is. If anything, half of the message in Quran comes from Bible itself.

  23. xaara

    Mubin Sheikh:

    A quick question, what makes you think your version, or the mosques’ version of Islam is more accurate than Tarek Fateh’s?

  24. roger daly

    Finally someone admits that Muhammed hijack parts of the Torah and Old Testament , Jesus warned about the “False Prophet” that would come and try to fool the ignorant by repeating
    past words from God and citing Verses from Holy books as to look like God spoke to him .
    As for the violent teachings of Jesus , please give me just one case where a mass murderer or person sawing of someones heads with a dull knife was yelling verses in the New Testament
    and praising Jesus .
    Lots of people have done bad things centuries ago , but the persons in the beheading videos cite valid Arabic verses from the Quran and claim Muhammed ordered them to do it .
    The major difference I see with Islam is that groups like CAIR have stated that only Ararbic version of the Quran are true teachings from Muhammed and a valid practise of Islam , and it’s THOSE Qurans that Al-Qaeda and suicide-bombers use to justify slaughtering innocent civilians .
    Canada has only about 0.0008% of the Worlds muslims and who are we to judge the other 99.9992% outside of Canada , just because I allow Moderate Muslims to express their Anti-Messiah views of Jesus and admire their stance to denouce the Islamofascists and pro-Shariah law Muslims in canada, it doesn’t mean I agree with them or will deny my faith so to not offend them.
    Lets not paint 99.9992% of the worlds Muslims with the same brush based on the action of the 0.0008% we live among , maybe Jihad and Sharia law IS the core belief for followers of Muhammed.

    BTW, Tarek Fatah is on record during a TVO debate about Sharia and he defended the Nations that impose it by claiming that the Quran forces Muslims to create a islam state when they become the majority .


    Canada will be a victim of Jihad to make it an Islamic Nation with Shariah law when Muslims become the majority and take power.

    Mr.Fatah needs a PR man to coach him on how to avoid making back-handed compliments about islam , it’s like telling someone “Gee , you’re pretty smart and hard working…..for a midget” .

    It’s the Quran stupid!!!!!

  25. irwin daisy

    “Is the Canadian government not being unfair to you by letting men expose their chests while you cannot do so in public?” – xaara

    Well, you’re wrong. It is legal in Ontario for women to go topless in public.

    “And dont even get me started on how “peaceful” Christianity is. If anything, half of the message in Quran comes from Bible itself.”

    Yes, it is good you realize this. But you failed to mention the rest was stolen from the Torah and various apocryphal texts. And then most of it was twisted out of shape – such as replacing Isaac with the illigitimate child, Ishmael, on Abraham’s sacrificial alter. As well as a whole host of other lies and fabrications.

    As far as “peaceful” Christianity goes. You’re right, history is full of obscene violence commited in Christ’s name. However, none of it is foundational to what is taught in the NT, nor to Christ’s life example.

    Quite the contrary to the violence and bigotry taught in the Quran and Mohammad’s life example as shown in the Hadiths, etc.

    For example: Everybody knows how Christ handled an adultress when she was about to be stoned to death under Jewish law. “He who is without sin cast the first stone…” She of course went free and lived, after Christ admonished her to “go and sin no more.”

    Now lets look at how Mohammad handled the same situation (I might add, 600 years later)

    A pregnant adultress came to him and the merciful Mohammad allowed her to deliver the child before ordering her death by stoning. Khalid, one of Mo’s companions, upon throwing a stone that hit her in the head, swore after being splashed with some of her blood. The ‘blessed’ Mo said a prayer over her once she was dead.

    This is just one example of many showing the foundational barbarity of Mohammad and his book, the Quran, versus the NT and Christ’s life example.

    Do your research, it’s all there.

  26. roger

    So this morning on John Oakley at 640Am radio I heard Robert Spencer repeat the recorded words by Muhammed and valid sources for the Quranic verses , Tarek Fatah finally called in and while he couldn’t deny the evidence about Muhammed and the Quran, he resorted to denying Jihad in Islam by claiming the USA created the Terrorist and not Islam.
    Mr.Spencer was only citing what revered Islamic Scholars have said, and the best Tarek could do is become a Terrorism-Denier and blame America .
    Tarek was against CAIR-Can for it’s pro-Sharia law stance but now appears to side with CAIR over Irshad Manji being an Apostate among others at the Florida Secular Islam Summit , this is why I don’t trust the MCC which was a spin-off from Muhammad Elmasry’s CIC org. that was pro-Shariah law.

    I’m really getting sick of Muslims bringing their spiritual wars to canada, if 2 children are fighting over 1 toy you take the Toy away instaed of getting another Toy to shut them up.
    What we are seeing now is 2 Islamic Sects fighting over our Charter Rights to get their way for who has the True version of the Quran and Islam , maybe we should take away the Charter from both children and ask them to find a Country that matches their style of Islam , we do not need to get another Charter Right to protect the Jihadists while the current one validates the Moderate version of islam.

    I still say that the only time I see real Unity among all Muslim in canada is when they bash the USA and Israel , and now that the border is tightening up they still whine about the Passports making them 2nd Class Citizens if not born in canada as indicated for Place Of Birth as Maher Arar discovered when he tried to enter the USA from Tunisia by himself as a Syrian with a Canadian passport.

  27. Great blog. I will keep stopping by.

  28. irwin daisy

    Agreed Roger,

    All kinds of immigrants have come to Canada with their religion, but have not attempted to change our laws or culture to accomodate them – other than perhaps, to a far lesser extent, the Seiks.

    I for one am sick of their whining. Sick of their defence of terrorism. Sick of their ridiculous conspiracy theories and blame. Sick of their dissimilitude tactics such as taqiyya. And sick of their demands for cultural bigotry and racism as expressed in their sharia laws and culture.

    I am sick of Islam. It is a loudmouthed and childish political belief system that does not belong in the west, or for that matter, the modern world.

    As most things out of the 7th century don’t belong.

  29. troonbop

    It is funny, isn’t? All these proud muslims proclaiming their rights, which are only available to them in a Christian based nation.

  30. ann

    Whenever I read posts that defend Islam, or indignant posts written by Canadian Muslims, I always wonder: If Islam is the perfect religion that has surpassed and is the culmination of all the other religions (as Muslims claim), why are Canadian Muslims living here? Why don’t they want to live in a land ruled by people who follow Islam? Surely leaders who follow the “perfect” religion would govern a land more perfectly than the secular/Christian/Jewish MPs of Canada. So . . . life must be more wonderful in those Muslim lands, right? I wish Canadian Muslims, if they truly believe Islam is the perfect religion, would either go live in lands governed by Muslims, or stop telling us how awful we are in this West that they choose to live in. Hmm, I wonder why they choose to live in this non-Muslim country. Could it be that they enjoy all our freedoms, even the freedom to worship in the way they wish much more safely than in many Muslim countries? Yet many Muslims still berate us all the time for every insult they can dredge up, while Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Jews are persecuted, not allowed to worship freely or build houses of worship, killed, etc. constantly in the lands governed by Muslims. This website is a huge eye-opener:
    Canada is wonderful in many ways because of its history and its laws that protect all citizens, regardless of race or religion. Canadian Muslims are welcome here, as they should be. But sharia law isn’t. If any Canadian Muslims want sharia law, then please go live in a country that already has sharia law, and don’t try to change our laws, even if you claim to only want sharia law for your own community. All Canadians should live under Canadian law. If that’s such an awful concept, than why are you here?

  31. eliza

    XAARA: so what you are telling me is that Muslim men cannot control their impulses and it is the womans fault if she is raped? Therefore Muslim women must cover themselves head to foot in a black sack to keep the evil eyes of the Muslim men off them. I think it is about time that the men learned a little restraint on their part and allowed women the freedom they themselves have in regards to clothing.
    Thank you to all who came to my defense and put forth good arguments for me.

  32. Dear tomax7,

    We sowed anti-God, anti-family, anti-religion into our kids in school, now one thinks God has left us to our demise.

    But He hasn’t.

    Thanks for showing your true colors, by coming out openly as a Christian-fundamentalist chauvinist.

    You obviously don’t want a secular Canada.

    Your opposition to the radical Islamists is hypocritical, since you desire to impose a fundamentalist version of your OWN faith on Canadian society.

  33. xaara


    You got it wrong, completely. The very notion that a woman is to be blamed for being raped, or should cover up for the lack of restraint on a man’s part is what I call “oppression”.

    Dont get me wrong, I am a Muslim apostate. I am too much of a feminist to digest what Islam has to offer to women. However, it must be noted that covering up the hair, and even the face for some women is more of a cultural piece of clothing than a religious one. Many women do wear headscarves,not because they want to hide themselves, but because they have grown up wearing it. Why cant we take it at this?

    A hijabi once told me that wearing a hijab for her is what wearing a bra is for me. The extent to which we cover and the Muslim women cover is different, the idea behind it is the same, isnt it?

  34. xaara

    “Well, you’re wrong. It is legal in Ontario for women to go topless in public.”

    Are you sure? how come people then smirk when a woman barely covered walks by yet a man can do so without causing unwanted attention? why these double-standards?

    and what about the rest of Canada?

    “Yes, it is good you realize this. But you failed to mention the rest was stolen from the Torah and various apocryphal texts. And then most of it was twisted out of shape – such as replacing Isaac with the illigitimate child, Ishmael, on Abraham’s sacrificial alter. As well as a whole host of other lies and fabrications.”

    Definitely! thanks for adding on. I know where Quran is coming from, huge plagiarization.

    I know what Quran says, and I know what Mohammad did. If we were to completely ignore the followers and were to compare the scriptures, Bible and Torah will turn out to be atleast as barbaric as Quran if not more. My apologies if it sounds offensive to any of you.

    “Do your research, it’s all there.”

    From what I do know, I have concluded that the difference lies in to what extent and how literally the followers of a religion are following it’s scriptures.

  35. xaara

    Irwin Daisy:
    “Well, you’re wrong. It is legal in Ontario for women to go topless in public.”

    Are you sure? how come people then smirk when a woman barely covered walks by yet a man can do so without causing unwanted attention? why these double-standards?

    and what about the rest of Canada?

    “Yes, it is good you realize this. But you failed to mention the rest was stolen from the Torah and various apocryphal texts. And then most of it was twisted out of shape – such as replacing Isaac with the illigitimate child, Ishmael, on Abraham’s sacrificial alter. As well as a whole host of other lies and fabrications.”

    Definitely! thanks for adding on. I know where Quran is coming from, huge plagiarization.

    I know what Quran says, and I know what Mohammad did. If we were to completely ignore the followers and were to compare the scriptures, Bible and Torah will turn out to be atleast as barbaric as Quran if not more. My apologies if it sounds offensive to any of you.

    “Do your research, it’s all there.”

    From what I do know, I have concluded that the difference lies in to what extent and how literally the followers of a religion are following it’s scriptures.

  36. xaara


    heh, I can so relate to what you have said. I have talked to people who criticized Canada for legalizing abortion, yet proudly study at Canadian universities.

    Hey if you dont like it, leave. There is Saudi Arabia where the only thing women are allowed to do is staying quiet.

  37. Two notes to Xaara: it was the burka of the eye-slit-only variety as worn by Mrs. Shaikh in the video that was under criticism – not the hijab. It is somewhat believable that a woman would wear a hijab by choice; but it strains credulity that anyone would choose to walk around in public as a black ghost (unless you are a male criminal trying to evade capture).

    As far as you being a Muslim apostate: I find that a bit hard to believe, if you are still asserting that the Old and New Testaments are as barbaric as the Koran. Every other apostate I have heard from has left Islam precisely because the Koran is far more barbaric than any other religious document. It ‘aint hard to prove.

    Thank you for your contributions, and welcome to the debate.

  38. xaara

    I did not reject the supposed-divinity of the Quran by comparing it to other religious scriptures. My decision was based solely on the Quran and the life of Mohammad only.

  39. blazingcatfur

    Multiculturalism has proved itself a blight upon Canada.

  40. kronstadter “Thanks for showing your true colors, by coming out openly as a Christian-fundamentalist chauvinist.”

    …yadda yadda yadda.

    Sure thing whatever you say, seeing a secular society with no guidelines is what you want.

  41. roger daly

    Check out this audio archive from Monday and hear for yourself how Tarek fatah responds to Robert Spencer , Fatah turned his phone-in question to a Debate and hogged the time for others that had called in.
    Note how the USA gets blamed for the social ills of Islam , even when Robert cites Muhammed himself from Quranic reference and Islamic Scholars , this proves that even a self-professed Moderate like Tarek is hypersensitive and will
    resort to smear tactics to silence people .
    Any wonder that Canadians are getting fed up with the Islamic in-fighting that may become a all-out battle in canada and make us like iraq with Mosques being bombed every week , how odd that Tarek like to attack the Saudis for their Whabbi islamic but when Robert holds up Saudi Arabia he becomes a ill informed non-Muslim fueling the flames of bigotry by the Islamophobes.


  42. …yadda yadda yadda.

    Sure thing whatever you say, seeing a secular society with no guidelines is what you want.


    I come from a Muslim society, and I reject its religious beliefs. I call for a secular society EVERYWHERE, but with democratic guidelines.

    I would dearly love to see the demise of political Islam, but I’ll be damned before I support political Islam being replaced by political Christianity.

    Secular means just that…SECULAR.…free of all religious affiliation.

    I propose that religion be a personal matter, kept strictly restricted to the home.

    It should not have ANYTHING to do with schools.

    Children should be taught tolerance and respect for all religious beliefs. And they should be taught science.

    God has no place in the school, be it the Islamic one or the Christian one or a Hindu one or a Jewish one.

  43. irwin daisy

    “Thanks for showing your true colors, by coming out openly as a Christian-fundamentalist chauvinist.

    You obviously don’t want a secular Canada.

    Your opposition to the radical Islamists is hypocritical, since you desire to impose a fundamentalist version of your OWN faith on Canadian society.”

    Canada, as well as the rest of western democracy was created based on Judeo/Christian ideas, such as separation of church and state, “Give unto Caesar…”

    Of course, never having created a “fundamentalist” state (unlike political Islam) goes without saying.

    The rest of your screed is conjecture and ad hominem, which is telling of your intellectual competence.

  44. roger daly

    Read this, Muslims now demand equal status to Cancer victims as part of defending the Hijab .
    Note how CAIR-Canada tries to claim that Canada has frontline female Muslims in Combat zones that are allowed to wear Hijabs .


  45. This has been one big exercise is forcing the maggots on this board to show themselves.

    I am SHOCKED at the hatred, racism, bigotry, ignorance and just plain foolishness of the overwhelming majority of posts.

    I see you are all rooted in your views and there is nothing I can do to change them. I have presented my points and appeal to all of you to visit the site I have cited – it behooves yáll to get some info on the subject prior to making giant asses of yourselves.

    Maybe you would have preferred Mubin Shaikh not even have been around – heck maybe one of YOUR family members or friends could have been potential victims of a terrible bombing — maybe that would change your minds. Maybe.

    In Peace, once again, as usual. 🙂

    Mubin Shaikh

  46. Sorry Mubin, but you can only trade off your supposed RCMP informing for so long. Doing the right thing once does not give you any more legitimacy when promoting your radical agenda. I think this frustrates you so much, that you can’t help but waste your time lashing out at hobby bloggers and their readers. Your continued pushing of Sharia law in Canada, your comments about Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, and your CAIR-style habit of turning questions about your own conduct into claims of victimhood, racism, and “Islamophobia” (whatever that means) make you someone to be questioned and examined under the harsh light of truth.

  47. roger


    Right you are, Mubin only did what most Canadians feel expected to do as a caring Human.
    He still can’t be absolved for his CBC assertion that he went to the RCMP only when it appeared that Islam would have it’s Peaceful image smeared
    by these Jihadists that don’t use HIS version of the Quran.
    Since Ramadan is the 1/12th of the year where they are expected to be kind and do charity, maybe this is why non-Muslims seem strange for being kind during all 12 months of the year.
    CAIR is linked to Hamas and funding terrorism , and Sheema Khan gave false evidence at the O’Connor Inquiry even after swearing on a Quran.
    Taqiyyah is allowed during war on the non-Muslims if you are plotting against them to further Allah crusade for global Shariah law and an Islamic World .

  48. ET

    mubin shaikh – you still haven’t answered my question about your statement that you ‘laid your life on the line for Canada’. What does that mean?

    And, I’d appreciate a comment on the necessity for a separation of church and state – which is a facet of democracy, as well as the necessity for full debate, questions and analysis. This separation and this requirement for debate are missing within the Islamic sociopolitical ideology – and therefore, operate against democracy. Are you in favour of democracy?

  49. roger

    Here’s the actual MCC article where Tarek Fatah
    misleads the public and Media by failing to mention these 19 males were NOT Immigrants or Citizens, they were Illegals with forged ID and PassPorts or Expired Visas .
    If Mr.Fatah and his MCC friends endorse foreigners coming to Canada to overtly break our Laws and put the lives of Citizens at risk, then he should say so up front and tell us if he believes Canada would be a more Just-Society as an Islamic State .
    Yes or no Mr.Fatah , because I really doubt any of your Outrage for Human Rights abuses in Canada, you may not like Un-Islamic freedoms that allow Irshad Manji to express an opinion to have disdain for , but , I have yet to hear you demand that the Radical Imams and Mosques be prevented from promoting a more “Islamic- Canada” to set the stage for Shariah-Law and the destruction of our Charter and Constitution.

    TORONTO, August 27, 2003 – The Muslim Canadian Congress has strongly protested the depiction of Pakistanis as ‘Sunni Muslim Extremists’ by RCMP and other law enforcement agencies. The organization has asked the RCMP to unconditionally apologize for this act of racial profiling. The group also condemned the arrest of 19 innocent men on August 14 and demanded the immediate release of these detained men.
    MCC, which is a grass roots Muslim organization based in Toronto, was reacting to the assertion by the agencies that the men were terror suspects simply because they were born in the Pakistani province of Punjab.
    Jehad Aliweiwi, a founding member of the MCC said, “the allegations against these young men are so flimsy, they befit a cheap post 9/11 paperback thriller, not worthy of publication even backwater Texas.” He said that the three van loads of so called evidence reminded him of the truckloads of evidence Colin Powell presented to the UN Security Council and therefore must be taken with a pinch of salt.
    Arif Raza, a lawyer and community activist organizing part of the defence team for the Toronto 19 said, the RCMP actions are outrageously racist. “They most likely would not have been arrested and detained, if it was not for the pre-conceived racist notion prevalent among law enforcement agencies that people from Pakistan, the Arab world and other Muslims are violent, and prone to religious extremism.”
    Reacting to the statement by Terry McKay, the lawyer representing the minister of immigration, who said, “I guess the easiest way of putting it is there is a suggestion they might in fact be perhaps a sleeper cell for Al Qaeda,” Arif Raza said the lawyer’s statement indicates the government evidence is at most speculation and a product of fertile imagination.
    Amina Sherazee, another member of the Muslim Canadian Congress and civil rights lawyer decried the climate of racial profiling and the import of US styled hysteria about terrorism. She said, “Such hysteria and false propaganda led to an immoral war in Iraq, the death of tens of thousands over there, and the illegal arrest, detention and deportation of thousands of innocent human beings under the NSEERS pogrom.” The American mistakes should not be duplicated in Canada, she added.
    Tarek Fatah, founder of the MCC said, “If our constitutional rights under the Charter are to survive, then the rule of law must prevail and the 19 accorded due process.” He said our forefathers fought and died for these rights around the world. “Men in uniform can destroy these significant and fundamental achievements, if they are left unsupervised by the Courts and unregulated by democratically elected civilian institutions,” Tarek Fatah added.



    So Muslims are now officially a RACE of people and not followers of a Faith , and Fatah wnat our Charter to apply to Tourists and non-Citizens?
    With 6.5 Billion people that aren’t Canadian Citizens it would be Financial-Jihad if the MCC started to coach all these foreigners to come to Canada and Demand all the Rights afforded to Citizens.
    We already have about 40’000 failed refugees that are in hiding and won’t leave even though many have Criminal records or a violent past
    of Human Rights abuses to females back home.
    The U.N. allows Nations to have Laws for Deportation as part of protecting Citizens under another U.N. agreement to respect the Rights of Innocent Civilians to be protected from Foreign or Domestic militias that plot to do harm against them.

    Here’s the link to prove my claim and Mr.Fatah should be forced to explain his stance to smear the RCMP when Pakistanis Illegals are Deported , but , he praises the RCMP last June when the Toronto-17 Jihadist were rounded-up and found to be Canadians of Pakistani background.
    Multicultualism had created this new mind set
    where groups like the MCC,CIC,CAIR,and CAF put their Loyalties outside of Canada while using our own Charter Of Rights to protect their version sellective bigotry by Cultural norms for Females or Homosexuals.

  50. ET – I LOVE democracy; that which operates TRULY on the foundational thoughts that bring it into reality.

    To say on one hand you are FOR democracy and then turn around and virulently condemn my RIGHT to be the way I am with the views I hold, is contradictory.

    I read (present verb tense not past) the comments here and become saddened that too many let their hatred of Islam and Muslims do violence to these foundational thoughts of what is termed, “democracy”.

    This is also where you err with respect to Islam and its ability to entertain the critical method and the scientific method. Remember, these were existant in Islam PRIOR to their adoption by Europe – the Golden Age of Islam is what precipitated the Age of Enlightenment because during this time, Europe was in its Dark Ages.

    What precipitated the Enlightenment was how Islam and science worked so well together – hence, unlike the situation in Europe, scientists, philosophers and men (and women) of letters were not persecuted (as a rule). It was because of CHRISTIANITY and its attack against the intelligentsia, that separation became the neccessary evolution of European political thought – a heritage which we enjoy to this day.

    THEREFORE, the real issue is can Islam sustain that critical apparatus – and indeed we find out, it ORIGINATES within Islam so really, what is being asked for, is for Muslims to return to the METHODS not cultural norms, of Classical Islam.

    THIS is where the debate must begin – by observing, analysing and critically evaluating the PREMISE upon which these questions are based. Blogs, where anyone can say whatever without having to back it up, fail as a valid means of discourse. Check the website PLEASE!

    Forget about what I mean by risking my life for Canada – could’ve been a typo 😉 Point is; I LOVE this country and I take great offense to being made to feel I don’t belong just because of my religious views.

    Muslims are not trying to “take over” Canada and just because you see more of us, instead of fearing what me might have hidden behind a burka, ASK! Don’t be like the typical guy who, even when lost, will not ask for directions! Don’t make the mistake of ASSUMING if the girl in hijab is oppressed because her university education will deliver such a response, the eloquence of which will knock on your proverbial ass.

    Check the site I listed and see for yourself how well Islam has sustained that critical apparatus over and ABOVE “Western” method (in quotes because what is termed such, is actually the foundational thoughts mentioned earlier; the ones identified as being already present in Islam).

    At the end of every day: at least keep an open mind, eh? 🙂

    Mubin Shaikh
    Toronto, Canada

  51. Using CAPITAL LETTERS to bolster BALD ASSERTIONS is the sign of an INTELLECTUAL BULLY and is BAD FORM.

  52. roger

    So again we see another cheap ruse by a Pro-Sharia Law male that presupposes everyone else is the intolerant bigot and that Democracy and Free-speech has Absolutes to harm people and not be accountable .
    The average Psycholigical Profile for Abusers is that there is a quasi-paranoia and numbness of the conscience to fully recognize the damage caused by their verbal and physical attacks , this Profile can be matched to Muhammed’s actions when he murdered people and had sex with a child .
    First off , Muhammed uses God as the source to justify the damage he does and then creates an entire system of loopholes to absolve him of moral standards he demands from others .
    Any perceived questioning of Muhammed’s claim to be a messenger from God is seen as an attack on Islam and doubting that God spoke to Muhammed, then we have the mind set of violence and war to protect Islam and Allah, it’s obvious by the verses in the Quran and Muhammed’s “Rules for war” that assume War is part of Dawah or Caliphates .
    Just ask any worker that deals with abused wives and the story has a pattern to it, the Husband speaks for the wife and asserts in Public that they have a good relationship and any rumours of oppression or abuse are lies by ignorant people attack him , his verbal tirades are believed to be honest opinions of her failure to understand him , and the physical abuse is justified because he felt she may one day attack him so he had no chioce but to protect himself from that future harm .
    Finally , if the wife isn’t killed by now she becomes even more abused when she brings up the subject of getting help with a marriage counsellor , this is met with the paranoia that there is a conspiracy to attack him and mock his choices in life as the head of the family.

    But even if the wife does flee to a shelter the abusive husband now believes she telling lies about him and it will turn into a bigger conspiracy
    and she must be stopped even if he has to track her down and kill her to protect his version of reality which usually includes a true belief that he’s a kind and compassionate man that others just can’t see because they hate him by their ignorance.
    We still hear Imams claiming that females caused theirown rape by acting in a way to make someone else violent and in turn cause the rape.
    Thank God these Imams don’t visit abuse shelters , the poor wives would end up hearing them say “So….what do you think you did to make your husband feel he had protect himself at beat you up to stop an attack?”

    Sound familiar….. Theo van Gogh was blamed for his murder because Muslims asked what it was Theo did to encite a Muslim to kill him , and Jihadist claim that Peace in islam will only be achieved when non-Muslims submit and stop being the enemies of Allah that force them to wage war to protect Islam.
    Mubin thinks most Canadians are mindless idiots that can see through his little charade to be abusive and hide behind Democracy and free speech , we don’t know if wives are privately threatened by their husbands to wear the Hijab or full face covering , so the claim that it’s a Choice is really a farce because I have yet to see one Muslim with a hijab remove it to prove it’s a choice .
    Maybe they CHOOSE to follow orders to avoid a beating and are told to not talk about the threat or they will get more beatings until they stop saying their husband is not a man of peace and Love.
    CAIR’s own Ahmed bedier labelled Irshad Manji and Tarek Fatah as enemies of islam and Apostates , he is on a video at http://www.YouTube.com
    and boldly states that only Arabic Qurans are valid for a correct understanding of Islam and Muhammed , yet CAIR give out English version of the Quran which means CAIR is doing blasphemy to Muhammed and Allah by the perverted Qurans that lie about the true meaning of Jihad and Apostate.
    Just search Glenn Beck or Ahmed bedier to see the Florida interview where Bedier also fails to denounce the Human Rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and refuses to oppose Sharia law punishment , also , look up Aly Hindy or Michael Coren to view the clip where Hindy admits he wants Sharia law in canada and Canada to become an islamic State with Capital punishment for adultry.
    Then try to tell me that CAIR has nothing to do with the Death threats to the MCC where Tarek Fatah is labelled a enemy of islam and will be slaughtered for Allah.
    Our hate-laws never seem to apply to Muslims threatening to murder civilians in canada , but don’t you dare say a thing about the Hijab or deny students a Prayer Room on Campus if they happen to be Muslims.

  53. AH Roger. You have missed the beautiful forest for the lovely trees…Free speech has LIMITS – remember yelling fire in a crowded theatre? ALL of the rights in Canada operate within the “fundamental rules of justice” not as an excuse to monger hatred.

    As to your weak attempt at dislodging the legitimacy of the Prophet Muhammad, this is where I point you to the website listed. By COMPARING the Bible and the Quran, using the SAME methodology, it reveals the validity of the Islamic sources as proof and DISproves the Christian position as “Divine”.

    Then you raise the issue of abused women and Islam and construct this most absurd fantastical mythology in place of social work! Sir, I HAVE worked with abused women and its obvious you have not and it is so obvious that you should never assume as much as you have – its increasingly difficult to take you seriously. There are more instances of abuse by white men than any other people – is that a proof that white men are the most abusive and somehow Christianity is to blame? Have you not read about what Christianity brought regarding women – whether their souls were human or animal? Why don’t you read your Good Book and see how EVE is blamed for eating the fruit – that God PUNISHES her through birth pains? THAT is what your sources bring to the table – Islam is light years ahead of a still-learning European-rooted life methodology.

    Roger – I don’t know why I even bother: your comments on Qurans and english VS Arabic and CAIR — MAN: the full Arabic is the only Quran. In English or any language, it is a commentary of the meaning NOT Quran: no one reads from this commentary in prayer etc.

    I will say it myself: Tarek Fatah and Irshad Manji are NOT Muslims – their views are not ISLAMIC views. They cannot even have a proper, moderated debates, they have to run to their camera crews and newspaper editors.

    Mubin Shaikh’s call is open to that camp of imposter Muslims, of the most deviant form of rebels claiming Islam. I will say that there is MUCH we have in common – but the tolerance we show is simply never reciprocated by “them”.

    Oh and hate laws are for people like YOU – the MCC and co are using this to stifle OUR opposition to them, that no one must disagree with them, that THEIR understanding is correct and everyone else is wrong and are BAD Muslims! LOL…

    I hope I have had something to do with demonstrating that you act against Canadian interests, by thinking people like me are to be opposed and hated. Even though I detest you and deplore your views, if anyone was to unlawfully attempt to injure or kill you – I would give my life in preventing it.

    Peace Be With You, Roger. I pray Allah give you (and your friends, Bush, Blair, Harper(?) etc) the Joy of Understanding and Bliss of Harmony.

    Mubin Shaikh

  54. robert walden

    Thank you for proving my piont about bullies and abusers, you have not nor can not retort with any level of compassion and reason.
    With all the infighting going on among Muslims I’d prefer they all leave before Toronto becomes like Baghdad where people like you see Tarek and Irshad as enemies of Allah and must be punished by you because Allah favours you and will give permission to murder them and not be held to Canada’s Laws.
    Only a ignorant Muslim would keep citing
    the Bible to argue with a Christian , Christian didn’t exist before Jesus was born, and modern followers of the Prince Of Peace Jesus live by the New Testament .
    I’m sure you knew this being a devout Muslim and knowing the Quran had perverted what Jesus stood for just so Muhammed could create the Quran as a retro-active religion to cover everyone
    and be a loophole to explain away tough questions
    about Muhammed’s sex with a child and his killing of innocent civilians to please the voice in his head
    saying it was okay.

    It’s obvious that were ever Muslims live there
    is discourse and injustice, I don’t want Canada to be a battle ground for Muslims to slaughter each other while believing that THEY are the True Muslims.
    I rather die then live in a Islamic State ruled by Shariah Law that put men in charge to mete out justice and make the females cover themselves because you men have no self control or respect for females.
    Muslim females shouldn’t have to pay the price for your lust issues where you can keep your dick in your pants .

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  56. roger daly


    Saw you on CTV and I noticed your wife sat their several feet away and it was only when you tried to claim that Sharia Law protect females that you look at her to signal she was ALLOWED to speak , she even kept looking back at you as she answered question as if in fear of a beating later on for the wrong response about Islam.
    You never once produced a Quran to prove your claims and yet Judged another Muslims as not knowing the Quran , I’m no fool and I do expect that one day People like you will behead me for not acepting Islam or paying the Tax to live in a Islamic canada , but the jokes on you , I’m willing to let you kill me to prove my faith and love for Jesus while you are will to murder me to please Allah to get into paradise with Muhammed .
    The Peace in Islam that you seek is what Mao,Hitler , Hiroheto , Stalin , Pol Pot , Idi Amin , and other promised to the ignorant masses fooled into thinking the World would bow down to them as the Super-race .
    There are video records from the “Let the quran Speak” TV show and the Host made it clear that all non-Muslims will be slaughtered to make way for Jesus who is a Muslim and the Peace will come because Muslims are forebidden from harming other Muslims.
    Except that Muslims can’y even get along on Earth today and what happens when you see a female without her head covered , will Jesus give you permission to kill them, will you just start to slaughter everyone you feel isn’t a True Muslim that has your special version of the Quran and only Allah talks to you .
    Self-appointed Gods don’t last very long and if I offend you so much and you want to live under Sharia law , then find a Country you agree with and don’t slaughter children in Canada who did nothing to you or Allah.
    By all means you have the Right to be in a Death-Cult that uses suicide-bombings against civilians to please your God and get to Paradise , but just pray that nobody saw your wifes hands exposed and they track her down to bomb your home as a Apostate that offended Allah and Islam , or the Taliban that may come here and demand she wear the Burqa and not drive or hold down a Job.

    If you can’t debate my claims then please stop this abuser-type attacks on me that make you look like a fool and wife-beater that use force to silence them , and for the record I have not , nor will I visit a Mosque until a Muslim will defend my Right to eneter the front door with my sister and keep my shoes on so I don’t offend jesus by pretending to be a Muslims and acting out all the rituals or endorse segregation for females to pray elsewhere .
    This goes on in canada , not Saudi Arabia or Iran , and I don’t expect an abuser and tyrant to have feelings for the people they harm , like the Jihadists you protected until it made islam look bad or expose the true crusade for Global domination with Sharia law for everyone.
    Paula Todd isn’t too bright , she can read a tele-prompter and has blonde hair with a wicked tongue to attack guest she doesn’t agree with.
    You never seem to want to debate Men , only females you can threaten with the label of Apostate to be killed under Sharia law.
    Nobody believes you or Aly Hindy and Dr.Elmasry and Sheema Khan any more , Islam does not mean peace and females are not respected by covering them up , they have to cover up because your Muslim brother are sex-starved pigs that can’t control themselves and it’s easier to blame the women .
    To assume that because you would rape a female that is uncovered , doesn’t mean that all canadian males are like you and can’t keep their dick in their pants.
    Counseling and Medication would have helped Muhammed and you with the lust issues which drove him to pedophilia once he believed Allah told him to rape the child.

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  59. kelebek

    In response to John Boy’s question ” Why are they here ?”
    They’re here to spread their hateful “religion”. Why else would they be found even in the remotest places in canada such as Inuvik ? As for the discussion of moderate vs extremist muslims, this is a waste of time. They all follow the hateful verses in the koran which incite violence against non-muslims. I wish they would all leave my country. Canada was so pure and free until they came.

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