QuickPost: Al Gore Hypocrite; 50,000 Muslims Support Violence; Liberal Ethno-Politics Endangers Nation

Hello Folks,

Having been away on a business trip to Las Vegas – a town that is now using pornified blackjack dealers as a new way to entice gamblers – it’s been a dry few days on the blog. A couple of interesting stories forwarded by readers:

On the Al Gore front, we see subtle media bias being perpetrated by the AP (thanks Mario):

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Al Gore, a leading voice against global warming, is being criticized by a conservative group that claims his Nashville mansion uses too much electricity. A Gore spokeswoman said the former vice president invests in enough renewable energy to make up for the home’s power consumption.

In other words, the story is NOT that Al Gore is a hypocritical energy hog ( a fact PROVEN by electrical records, not a “claim”). The story, according to the AP writer, is that a “conservative group” is trying to smear pure-old Al. Of couse, neither Gore nor his spokesperson were identified by their political philosophy.

If you haven’t read it yet, check out Licia Corbella’s brilliant analysis of last week’s Muslim-Canadian opinion poll, “Disturbing reality buried” (thanks Marian):

So, let’s err on the side of caution here. Let’s subtract the margin of error — 4.4% — from 12%. That comes to 7.6%, so let’s say, just to be really non-alarmist, we round that down to 7%. That still means 49,000 Canadian Muslims believe conducting a terrorist attack on their own country — Canada — is justified.

And finally, here’s one from the National Post’s Jonathan Kay, who earns back a bit of my respect here by taking on the ethno-politics of the Liberal Party that has hijacked our national security for crass partisan opportunism, “National Security vs. Liberal ethno-politics” :

Today (Feb. 27), Parliament is expected to vote on the expiring Anti-Terrorism Act provisions. And if everything goes to script, a whipped Liberal caucus will stand with the peacenik extremists in the Bloc and NDP to water down our national security — all to cement dubious intra- Liberal alliances. It will be interesting to see how many Liberals (if any) have the guts to stand up to Dion, who’s declared that he won’t sign the nomination papers of any dissenters.

Being shunned by your own is a steep price to pay for a politician. But by paying it, principled Liberals will not only be striking a blow against terrorism, but also the corrosive scourge of ethno-politics eating away at their party.

Well, we now know how many Libs have a matching set of cojones – ONE! Congratulations, Tom Wappel, you get credit where credit is due (click here to send him an e-mail of support). My big question is: why could Irwin Cotler only go half-way, and not truly stand up to Dion? Perhaps it is because there’s only room for one principled pants-wearer in the family



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2 responses to “QuickPost: Al Gore Hypocrite; 50,000 Muslims Support Violence; Liberal Ethno-Politics Endangers Nation

  1. Mario

    The 50,000 number is probably a low estimate. This is the proportion of people that is radicalized enough to tell what they really think to a pollster.

  2. emre

    So what if 50,000 Muslims are pissed off? What do you expect them to do, jump up and down with joy? Wake up and smell the coffee; tens of innocent civilians have died in Iraq. Of course they are going to want to exact revenge.

    The military calls it an “asymmetric attack”, which reflects the notion that terrorist do not have the means to conduct conventional warfare. Would you rather they lob missiles at you instead?

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