Chris Bosh, Anomaly: A Class Act in the NBA

Chris Bosh Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors All-Star forward Chris Bosh appeared on America’s top-rated (and most entertaining)nationally syndicated sports radio show today, The Jim Rome Show. Aside from being one of the most talented young stars in basketball today, Bosh is a rare bird for the NBA: a class act with his head screwed on right, a tattoo-free body (as far as I can tell), and a young man who lives by traditional values of hard work, humility, respect, and thoughtfulness. Click here for a great 10-minute interview with the man who may may or may not bring an NBA championship north of the border, but is certainly earning the respect of right-of-center fans like me:

Jim Rome interviews Chris Bosh, February 22, 2007

He is clearly far more mature than a 22-year-old kid with only one year of college under his belt should be. He credits his parents (yes, that’s a plural) for raising him right and keeping him grounded. He has already set up a charitable foundation, under which he has begun an SAT tutoring service to help underpriviledged kids from his community get a post-secondary education. And, unlike some of his Toronto Raptors forebearers, he refuses to criticize the Canadian experience. In fact, he rightly plays down the differences between the two countries, calling Toronto “pretty much Americanized” – which to me is a refreshing truth to hear.

Athletes playing in Canada have been known to complain about everything from the taxes (which are about the same or less than New York’s and California’s) to the schools (Antonio Davis thought his kids would be deprived of African-American studies) to the television lineup (no ESPN – waaaaaah!). As he says in the interview, Chris Bosh wants to be “part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

Remarkable – two conservative-minded black Americans starring on the Toronto sports scene at the same time (Vernon Wells of the Blue Jays is the other). I love it!


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