Strategic Counsel Poll: Stephane Dion is a Disaster


The Libearl ship continues to sink… The results are in from the Strategic Counsel’s latest public opinion poll, and it is a complete disaster for Stephane Dion. The Globe & Mail couldn’t even find a way to spin these results positively for the Libs: “Tories surge on Harper’s Leadership”.

You can view the complete results, in all the red-blooded gory detail, here in this Strategic Counsel .pdf:

In order to reverse the growing Tory tide under Stephen Harper, the Liberals need to gain back ground in Ontario and Quebec. Yet here is how they are doing on that front:

On the question: How would you vote today?

Quebecers, Dec. 3 (after Lib Convention) – Liberal 28 Cons 16 Bloc 44.

Quebecers, Feb. 15-18 – Liberal 22 Cons 18 Bloc 43

So they hate Dion now more than they did on December 3, when commentators were telling us that Quebecers would rally behind one of their own…

Ontarians, Dec. 3 – Libs 48 Cons 32 NDP 15 Green 5

Ontarians, Feb. 15-18 – Libs 39 Cons 34 NDP 14 Green 13

And Dion’s honeymoon ended quickly in Ontario, as those who joined him in a post-convention bounce have quickly peeled off to the Cons and the Greens.

How about this gem:

Which Party Leader do you identify with most?

Quebec: Duceppe 30 Harper 20 Layton 13 Dion 13

Ontario: Harper 32 Dion 21 Layton 19

So he received more than 30% fewer votes than Harper in Ontario; and in Quebec, he is so hated, he is in a dead heat with Jack Layton!

How about this one, Mr. Greenie?

Which Party has the right approach for dealing with the environment & global warming?

Ontario – Liberals 24 NDP 23 Cons 22 Other (incl. Greens) 31

Great headway there, Dion – you told us all you were the master of environmental sustainability, and you are in a statistical dead heat with the “right-wing neo-cons” on the issue in Ontario.

And this is the absolute killer:

Which Party Leader is the most charismatic?

Ontario – Layton 43 Harper 33 Dion 25

Quebec – Duceppe 34 Harper 27 Layton 26 Dion 13

Hah! Harper, the man whose personality was defined by a cool paternal handshake, crushes Dion in the two battleground provinces. And Dion, in his own home province, finishes behind two Ontarians who speak French as a second language – by a more than 2-to-1 margin each!

So is a Harper majority really out of the question? I think not, which is why the PM seems ready to fight an election any time the foolish opposition decides to pull the trigger. Elections are about leadership, and it’s becoming crystal-clear what Ontario and Quebec think about the Liberal Party leader.


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