The Greatest Infidel: Ayaan Hirsi Ali defends Middle-Aged White Males


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the modern left’s worst nightmare: a beautiful young feminist liberal of uncertain sexuality, born and raised a Muslim in post-colonial Africa, who refuses to revel in the victimhood mentality of minority identity politics. In the cause of promoting universal human rights for women, she has broken with the religion of her birth, and has exposed the ugly mysoginist pathologies that permeate the very core of Islam. As an Islamic apostate, she requires round-the-clock security, as her life is under constant threat. As an unorthodox leftist, she is the target of constant character assassination, and was even ratted out to Dutch immigration authorities by her own fellow Labour Party parliamentarians!

Her Canadian connections are many: she came to Holland in the first place as an escape from an impending arranged marriage to a Canadian cousin. She made an effective high-profile appearance in Toronto in 2005 to help bolster the successful protest against Dalton McGuinty’s ill-fated dalliance with Sharia law. She has made common cause with Toronto’s own Irshad Manji, the world’s second-most-famous feminist critic of Islam. And as a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, she is now a collegaue of one of our most famous right-wing intellectuals, David Frum.

If you have 30-60 minutes to spare, check out her speech and Q&A session last week at the AEI. Here’s the link to the complete video:

If you have never heard or seen her before, you will be blown away with her confidence, strength, directness, and her skewering of modern Western liberals. Among countless intriguing topics covered was her expression of sympathy for the one victim group that the left never has sympathy for: 

“In Eurpoe in the 21st century, no misfortune is greater than being male, middle aged, and white. Very soon, you may start a charity here in the U.S. to rescue them.”

It was a great laugh line, but she was only half-joking. A more politically-incorrect statement could not be made on the left! No wonder she has been disowned by her former Labour-party mates in Holland, and has been embraced by the open minds of America’s much-maligned conservative community.

While I have not reached middle-age, and can consider myself only partly “white-male” due to my Jewish heritage and religion, I take solace in the fact that someone with liberal ideas will not automatically dismiss my point of view as, at best, irrelevant, and at worst, automatically racist. It is a leftist pathology that must be eliminatied from within, in order for us to survive the onslaught of Jihad. With any luck, Ayaan Hirsi Ali will lead that cause as well.


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