An Immigrant Family’s Story: To Canada for Freedom From the Hijab

CBC should get credit when it is due. Last night, The National profiled several immigrants to Canada who were to be part of today’s ceremonial 60th anniversary citizenship ceremony at the Supreme Court. The first profile, from correspondent Peter Gulich, showed us Iranian immigrants, the Nafasi family – husband Ali, daughter “Hillary”, and mom, Dr. Sepideh Nafasi. Here’s the video:

Dr. Nafasi nails it: she wants to live in a place where she has “A freedom that you really feel in your heart.” This is what Canada should be all about, folks: FREEDOM. Not enforced equality; not a place to air your gripes; not a place to raise money to take back to your homeland; not a place to milk the system for all it’s worth; not a place to continue fighting your old-world tribal battles; not a place to force the “locals” to change to accomodate every one of your whims; but a place for you to balance assimilation and preservation of healthy traditions. This family has it right: they want to live in a land of freedom, and they’re willing to go to Conception Bay, Newfoundland to do it.  



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3 responses to “An Immigrant Family’s Story: To Canada for Freedom From the Hijab

  1. My sympathy goes to this family.
    This is the kind of people we would welcome to help us make a better Canada.
    I agree with your comments.
    More over, I think that before applying for Landed Immigrant status people should be told that “Equality” means equality of opportunity (which is often more than what you have in the old-country), not equality of outcome.
    The other important point for people to know is that is not by chance that Canada is a better place to live, the laws of the land and the customs and the culture have a lot to do with it. Therefore is a good idea to leave some of the “baggage” home and try to learn why things in Canada, although not perfect, mostly work.

  2. jalil

    This family could have a better life in Iran rather than living in Carbonear with 9 months frost a year. In Iran they could have a chance not to have hijab but in Canada they must have hijaab not to be frozen. See the face of the man. seemes to have depression but it is OK he is a canadian now, what else he wants. He is in Carbonear!!!
    Canadian like their peers (US) dont miss a chance to lower Iran and Iranians.

  3. jasmin

    This family has made the right decision to come to Canada and raise their daughter in freedom, they are both very intelligent to make this decision.
    To the above comment from Jalil, get a life they were not lowering Iran, they are great full to have a different way of life and be capable to make decisions on their own, not everyone is ruled by religion, we all have the right to live in peace and freedom, congratulations on your citizenship, you all deserve to live here in our country. 🙂

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