Stephen Harper, Clear Thinker, Defender of Israel

God Bless Stephen Harper, who understands the difference between agressor and defender; between righteous and evil; between ideological blindness and clarity of thought. From today’s National Post story, “Israel can count on Canada, Harper says”:

OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued a staunch defence yesterday of his government’s support for Israel, saying it has proven the Jewish state can count on Canada for more than encouraging words.

Mr. Harper made clear his support for Israel during last summer’s fighting between Hezbollah and Israeli forces would not be a one-off event.

“When faced with such threats, Israel will always have a steadfast friend in Canada’s new government,” Mr. Harper said at a dinner sponsored by the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy.

Mr. Harper, who received a standing ovation, pointedly revisited the Israeli- Hezbollah conflict as an example of his government’s willingness to stand up and be counted on the side of Israel.

“Over the past year, we got a pretty sharp reminder that it’s one thing to offer supportive words to Israel when it’s convenient, and quite another to stand firm in its hour of need,” he said. “Israel had a friend when it mattered.”

In separate remarks, Liberal leader Stephane Dion also struck a supportive chord, telling the audience that when Israel’s right to exist is threatened; it is an “attack on the values of every democracy.”

Mr. Harper’s vocal support for Israel has been unswerving despite criticism from the opposition that the government has abandoned Canada’s traditional neutral role in the Middle East.

The Prime Minister said there are no “shades of grey” when a battle pits a democratic state against terrorist groups seeking to destroy it and its people.

His words are rock-solid, and backed by a year’s worth of action. I can’t even say that I hear the same level of steadfastness from Israel’s own Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, which is very sad. Amazingly, I can think of only one other world leader that comes even close to Harper’s clarity on the issue – PM John Howard of Australia.



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2 responses to “Stephen Harper, Clear Thinker, Defender of Israel

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

  2. Harper makes me proud to be a Canadian.

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