Maher Arar’s U.S. Lawyer is Barbara Olshansky, Bush Impeachment Leader

Maher Arar’s Lawyer is Barbara Olshansky, Bush Impeachment Queen

 So, the U.S. will not take Maher Arar off its terror watch list. Lefties will have you believe that it all ties into Bushitler’s so-called-war-on-terror-that’s-really-an-imperialist-oil-grab-or-at-least-a-manipulation-by-Zionist-ne0cons-who-hate-Palestinians. Some on the right believe that the U.S. may have evidence that conclusively links Arar to Jihadi terror. But it could simply come down to this: that Arar’s case will not be reviewed as long as he is being represented by the leader of the Bush impeachment movement.

Maher Arar’s legal representatives in his ongoing attempt to sue the U.S. government are Steven Watt, a seemingly level-headed left-wing ACLU type, and Barbara Olshansky, the far-out moonbat hero who wrote the book “The Case For Impeachment: The Legal Argument for Removing President George W. Bush from Office.” Olshansky, Deputy Legal Director at the subversive Center for Constitutional Rights, has been campaigning for years now to introduce Articles of Impeachment, and now with a Democratic majority in Congress, her movement is gaining strength. Olshansky is also the administration thorn-in-the-side who pioneered the Guantanamo Bay legal gold rush, representing dozens of inmates and helping bring the Hamdan case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Google “Olshansky Impeachment”, and you’ll be plunged, as LittleGreenFootballs’ Charles Johnson says, deep into the fever swamp. It is little wonder that the Bush administration is unwilling to help out Maher Arar Superstar – even if they have nothing on him, they’re not going to play ball with a woman who is – literally – an enemy of the state.


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One response to “Maher Arar’s U.S. Lawyer is Barbara Olshansky, Bush Impeachment Leader

  1. roger daly

    Just imagine what the price of gas would be if Bush didn’t cause 9/11 so he could invade iraq to get the cheap Oil , there’s a website by some yahoo that claims FDR was behind Pearl Harbour just to enter ww2 , the guy asserts that the Jap Zero’s were American made and flown by US pilots that were part of the plot.
    Arar has only alleged he was tortured and he never took the stand to give evidence or face a cross examination to be charge with contempt of court for telling lies to a Judge, CAIR’s lawyers saw Arar as the goose to lay golden eggs to get them rich and even the NDP’s Layton used Arar’s wife to run in Ottawa for a seat as a Anti-USA MP.

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