Maher Arar: Unanswered Questions

Here is last night’s Global National story on Maher Arar, which reveals a couple of interesting new insights:

  • Jordan – where Arar landed on his way to Syria after being deported from the United States – says he arrived not via US rendition plane, but by Jordan’s own luxury commercial jetliner; that they did not take him into custody; and that he could have chosen to go anywhere in the world from Amman (like Canada), but instead chose to be driven to Syria.
  • Vermont’s leftist Senator Patrick Leahy was shown to be a lot less sure of US malfeasance upon emerging from his Arar-case security briefing in Washington yesterday. Instead of his usual firebranding, he simply said “there are still questions that we want to ask.”

Just to be clear: I have nothing against Maher Arar, and wish him well if he truly hasn’t had anything to do with radical Jihadism. However, he opened himself up to the widest degree of scrutiny by waging a not-so-subtle campaign of discrediting America and the war against Islamic terror. So, whether or not the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a trustworthy source, the fact remains: Maher Arar was only one-degree-of-separation away from Ahmed Said Khadr, and questions remain about exactly what happened when he was deported from the USA.



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8 responses to “Maher Arar: Unanswered Questions

  1. This report, if true, is a blockbuster. Again, if true, it completely discredits the reason for Canada apologizing and giving Arar $11.5M. Where is the rest of the media on this?

  2. Patricia

    I too, would like to know where the rest of the media is on this. You would think they would want to jump on this to hear what the truth is. Or would they?

  3. Dave

    Besides the connection between Arar and the Khadrs, let’s not forget that captured Al Qaeda training manuals tell terrorists to ALWAYS claim they have been or are being tortured.

    The degree to which The Usual Suspects in the MSM assume Arar is telling the truth and the US is lying is sickening.

  4. Doug

    Shows again that the Americans are far more practical about such matters. They can’t afford to be driven solely by ideology–even a protocommunist like Leahy–because the result may be that innocent (voting) citizens die at the completion of a terrorist plot.

  5. anonymous

    I said it all along that something was fishy. When someone tries to sue for a super crazy amount $400 million, claiming $30 million for each of his family (two children under the age of 5….who just might need $30 mill each???)….and then accepts $11.5 million, something is way off.

    If we have to take someone’s word for being “tortured”, then anyone can claim that.

  6. We Canadians have been duped at the tune of 10+millions… again.

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  8. Roger

    Just last Month Arar had his video meeting with some Plitical rep’s in the USA and oddly , Arar refused to answer any questions about why he was trying to enter the USA from Tunisia by himself .

    Just check the CBC archives to read Arar’s comments from 2003 where he blamed JORDAN for his plight and Arar’s very own website posts his Lawsuit against Jordan for $30 million , but when that failed by january of 2004 he turned his wrath on Canadians and tried to Sue us for $400’000’000.00 based on Alleged harm by his homeland of Syria that still had a arrest warrant on him as a Draft-Dodger that fled to canada at 18 .

    The O’Connor report details Arar’s past in canada and I still want to know why he rushed to get a Gun Permit just 2 years after a Muslim killed 14 female students in Quebec before killing himself to be with Muhammad in Paradise.

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