Global Warming Nuts: Five Proofs, and You Win.


Those shoving the global warming agenda down our throats must be in it for money and fame. Either that, or they are living with their heads in the sand, unable to bring themselves to confront the real problems in their lives and in the world. That is all I can conclude from the people who expect me to take seriously Al Gore, David Suzuki, and the rest of the global warming brats, who rely on acceptance of all the following assertions without reservation:

  1. The earth has been warming by a significant, environment-changing degree over the past few decades.
  2. The warming of the earth over this period of time is unnatural.
  3. This unnatural warming is caused by increasing emissions of carbon dioxide from modern industrial society.
  4. The earth will continue to warm by a significant, environment-changing degree for the forseeable future if carbon dioxide emissions are not decreased dramatically and quickly.
  5. If modern industrial society does not change radically to accomodate this reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, global catastrophe will occur.

Since each of these points can be rendered uncertain by basic scientific and logical scrutiny, you must ask myself why so many politicians, bureacrats, academics, and journalists are pushing the global warming agenda so hard. Possible answers?

  • For post-religious progressives, this may simply be a manifestation of man’s natural inclination to predict how and when the world will end (armageddon stories are part of the liturgy of nearly every world faith).
  • For politicians, global warming is the latest excuse to make new laws, increase government control, and collect more wealth to redistribute.
  • For international bureaucrats at the United Nations and other NGOs, it is the latest excuse to press for control of the internal affairs of sovereign nations.
  • For academics, the demand for studies that confirm global warming from politicians, bureaucrats, and an overwhelmingly post-religious progressive media far outweighs the demand for non-conforming research.
  • For radical social revolutionaries, it is the perfect opportunity to wage war against the modern western society that they so loathe.

For those global warming cheerleaders who choose to scoff and mock the skeptics, I challenge you: prove to me the irrefutable truth of all five of the above assertions, and I will start taking the bus to work, and will change my lightbulbs to those seizure-inducing compact flourescents.

As you fail in your challenge, I will then exhort you: stop misdirecting your angst into the latest hysterical fad, and start helping work towards solutions to the real, solveable problems in your life and in the world. And stop spreading your misery to our children, who have enough to worry about while growing up without thinking that their parents have destroyed the world!


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One response to “Global Warming Nuts: Five Proofs, and You Win.

  1. roger daly

    I blame our weather on the Sun, Mercury, Venus and mars have all suffered from solar flares and higher surface temperatures on the Sun which is posted on Astronomical websites in charts .
    One Scientist said that the Earth adjusts for the CO2 changes , the higher levels will aid plants growth that convert it to oxygen for us to breath , and past lower levels show in less traces of plant life in drill sample from the Arctic areas.
    Don’t forget the experts that promoted tholydimide as safe and later touted ureformaldyhide insulation that was harmless for use in homes.
    It would be nice to not have snow in Toronto so seniors will have less injuries from falling down, and my heating bill will drop and cover my A/C costs and balance out, imagine water skiing in January in Toronto harbour and then going home to pick fresh oranges or a pineapple from the backyard.

    I can dream can’t I ?

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