Murder or Capital Punishment: What Makes You Lose Sleep?

If you want clarity on the issue of Capital Punishment – a debate that is (no pun intended) seemingly dead in Canada – listen to this engaging 35 minutes of radio from the January 29, 2007 Dennis Prager Show: “Mercy for Murderers – Interview with Austin Sarat, Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science at Amherst College”

Prager is a prominent proponent of the death penalty. Sarat is an “abolitionist”. Very eloquently, Prager boiled it down to this:

“…you lose sleep over the fact that murderers are put to death, and I lose sleep over the fact that murderers are not put to death.”

Prager rejects the “deterrence” argument, and sticks with his understanding of civilized morality: that it is a cosmic injustice for a murderer to keep his life after unjustly eliminating another.

You’ll have to listen to the whole interview to hear Dennis – often unfairly derided as a blowhard and a fool by left-wing critics – use logic and universal morality to expose the vacuous nature of the professor’s views. As someone who grew up in a culture that was 100% convinced that capital punishment “lowers us to the level of the murderer”, but was never at ease with that assertion, this interview gave me some invaluable debating ammunition that helps make the anit-death-penalty absolutist, rather than the capital punishment supporter, look like the savage.


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One response to “Murder or Capital Punishment: What Makes You Lose Sleep?

  1. roger daly

    At the current rate that the Charter Of Rights is killing God and our moral values, Judges will have a hard time explaining why murder should be illegal , even a room full of pedophiles can all agree that their lust for children is legal in their minds and a sexual preference that the State has no right to ban.
    I tend to agree with Jesus that mans laws will never bring true Justice and it’s my spiritual outlook for Justice and peace in heaven that counts, he accepted mans laws and died for no crimes what so ever .
    We have no right to play God and deny the victims of murder to only seeing Justice while they are alive , capital punishment for the real guilty killers is not for our peace but the peace and Justice we see for the ones murdered that leave us behind to hold the trials that hold the guilty responsible.
    Jesus died for something he didn’t do, so what’s the issue if a real guilty killer is sentenced to death , killers hould make peace with god and accept their lot in life.

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