Checkmate – Payday for Arar

One Happy Canadian - Maher Arar, January 26, 2007

If you didn’t know who the man in this picture was, would you guess:

a) A soccer star who just received a $10 million contract to play in his hometown;

b) The new Prime Minister of Canada, the morning after winning an election;

c) A man who spent months in a Syrian dungeon, and claims his reputation has been destroyed by false accusations of ties to Islamic radicalism.

Well, c) doesn’t seem like the likely answer, but since it is closest to the truth, it does provide for an odd dichotomy, as Maher Arar seems much too gleeful just three years out from his “life-ruining” ordeal. If “no amount of money” could erase what he endured, then why does he look like he’s endured nothing but happiness and joy?

I have nothing but sympathy for people who are treated unfairly. But if I could ask Mr. Arar one question, it would be this: Will you work to fight against Islamic terrorism now that you are free and rich? Because it is the terrorism of Jihadists like the 9/11 hijackers, Ahmed Said Khadr (whose connection to your two acquaintances got you in this mess in the first place) and Osama bin Laden that forced young Muslim men into a position of increased scrutiny in the first place.

If he applies the same level of erudition, legal resources, and PR savvy in the cause of anti-Jihad as he did in the cause of Canada- and America-bashing, we may actually get somewhere in this clash of civilizations that is threatening all of us the world over.


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One response to “Checkmate – Payday for Arar

  1. roger daly

    What about his Press conference just weeks after returning to canada where he gave a well scripted detail of his timeline from JFK to his traumatic
    psychological damage that still haunted him even today, and what about Bill Graham who let William Samson rot in a Saudi jail for 3 years while his Soft-deplomacy condoned the real torture so the Saudis would get upset and behead Samson for trumped up terrorism charges.
    Why is it a white Christian male gets screwed by
    a Muslim nation and people like Arar and CAIR stay mute, but if a Middle east Muslim male that actually chummed around with suspect Islamists
    gets deported from the USA and alleges torture , he gets a Inquiry and $10 Million dollars of OUR money while Samson still waits for some redress .
    I hope this wasn’t a pay-off to appease Al-Qaeda
    so Paul Martin could claim we were safe from a terror attack and inturn get re-elected , Liberal’s have proven that they’ll lie and rob us blind to stay in power and even when caught they get free lawyers that hide behind the Charter and use the Sgt.Schultz defence that their client was too stupid and ignorant to know what was going on under their reign.
    Dion even claims that it’s Unfair to blame him for the poor fight to reduce GHG’s , it’s hard to have priorities and commit to them.

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