Welcome to Flaggman’s Canada

Multicultural fetishism. Anti-Americanism. Smug superiority. Faith in Internationalism. Mockery of morality. Tolerance of the intolerant. Self-hatred. Europhilism. Quebec: a political obsession. All this, and more, from the Great White North! 

An uneasy product of Toronto’s secular-materialst liberal Jewish community, I woke up around 9/11/01 to the vacuous nature of Canada’s dominant culture – a cynical, nihilistic milieu not unlike America’s Democrat-dominated blue states, but with its own unique pathologies. In discovering commentators like Mark Steyn, Robert Fulford, Ezra Levant, Charles Krauthammer, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, Charles Johnson, and many others, I found a world of fellow travelers, as William F. Buckley once said, “Standing athwart history, yelling Stop.” With this site, I aim to join this resistance, counting myself among the growing legion of Canadians no longer willing to stand for the conventional wisdom spoon-fed to us on a daily basis by the CBC, CTV, The Toronto Star, The Globe & Mail, and by “intellectuals” from coast to coast.

With this blog, I aim to promote the good of Canada, expose the bad, and bring a more conservative, traditional viewpoint to the radical widely-held assumptions that have shaped this country and much of the world over the past several decades. As a busy small businessman, husband, and father of a young son, I can’t promise daily postings, but I will attempt to bring you interesting content as regularly as I can. Enjoy!

-Neil Flagg-

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Monday, January 22, 2007


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